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Exodus International on California gay marriage: People will think it's "ok."

(Alan Chambers and Chris Fabry answer each other in conversational silhouette)

Alan Chambers on the Chris Fabry show:

@ the 21:04 mark:

Chris Fabry: At the same time, when you talk to the younger generation, I think they are a little more malleable, and they will say, you know, 'if a person loves another person, what’s the problem with that?' And I keep coming back to, as this issue has come up in the last couple of days - changing the definition of anything is dangerous, and when you change the definition of marriage from one man to one woman, to same-sex couples, what could follow after that? Isn’t that the main public policy problem that we’re facing?

Alan Chambers: It is. I think that one of the most dangerous things that we can do is to redefine something as natural and defined already as marriage. Because the next generation does look at these things and say, 'see, the law has now changed, homosexuality is now proven legally as the equivalent of heterosexuality, therefore it’s ok.' And I think so many people do get their moral guidelines and use the government as their moral compass, and in this regard, it falls way short of God’s standard on this issue.

To distill it further...

Chris Fabry: If a person loves another person, what could follow after that?

Alan Chambers: Homosexuality is now proven legally as the equivalent of heterosexuality, therefore it’s ok.

Thus, according to Exodus, the 'moral' consequences of same-sex marriage is that people will think it's ok.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Alan Chambers on preventing gay suicide: They're not told it's a choice.

Alan Chambers on Chris Fabry Live

May 16, 2008

Plenty to pick from with this interview, but this tail end below begins @ the 25:40 mark:
Chris Fabry: We had another email that talked about, especially teenagers, and how many teenagers are caught in this emotional trauma, and how many take their own lives because of the homosexual issue. You were a teenager caught in that too weren’t you?

Alan Chambers: I was a teenager, you know the bulk of my struggle was during my teenage years, from about 11 to 21 or so, and I understand feeling like the only way out is you kill yourself. In fact one of the things that made me want to die -- was when I heard, there is no way out of this, this is your only option, there is no other choice, in fact there is no choice - you are who you are and that won’t ever change. And I thought, that can’t be the truth, and if it is, I can’t live this way. But the amazing thing was, and the thing that changed my life, wasn’t that I was told change was possible, the thing that changed my life was God said I love you no matter what, and I’m going to help you out of this, and that makes all the difference in the world. And I think that’s our job as Christians, the ‘Jesus with skin on,’ is to help people feel like they have an option. That God loves them no matter what, and that He absolutely has a plan and a way for us to deal with these very complex issues.

Chris Fabry: Alan Chambers is president of Exodus International, it is the largest evangelical organization dealing with this topic in the world today. He has written a book called “God’s Grace and the Homosexual Next Door.” And Alan I thank you for coming on with us today, it’s been very helpful.

Alan Chambers: My pleasure Chris, thank you.

Obviously if preventing suicide means that telling gay teens that their own human-sexuality is 100% choice, then clearly teaching them that they are the equivalent of pedophiles will help to prevent even more suicides:

Exodus International: Is there a connection between homosexuality and predatory behavior, like pedophilia?

If they don't respond to that, make sure to tell them that they are responsible for the Holocaust:

Homosexuality and the Nazi Party

Any remaining gay-teen suicides should easily prevented by the wisdom in his book: "God's Grace and the Homosexual Next Door."

Which, tucked waaaay at the back on page 218 we find:
Alan Chambers: "This is why I believe that it is so important to clarify that just living a celibate gay life is just as sinful as living a sexually promiscuous one. The sin is in identifying with anything that is contrary to Christ, which homosexuality clearly is."

Thus, according to the Christian morality of Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, the reason gay teens commit suicide, is because no one is offering them "the option" of a lifetime of perpetual lonliness and shame.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The PA '08 slither factor.

By Rick Santorum

Bigot! Hate-monger! Homophobe!

Those were just a few of the terms hurled my way in 2003 when I said that the Supreme Court's Texas sodomy decision opened the door to the redefinition of marriage.

Fortunately California voters will have a chance to overturn this radical decision by voting for a state marriage amendment in November. Shouldn't voters in Pennsylvania have the same right?


Supreme Court's Texas sodomy decision = the court reverses course from a ruling that states could punish homosexuals

Rick Santorum: "California voters will have a chance to overturn this radical decision"

"Shouldn't voters in Pennsylvania have the same right?"

prison bars

As an American, there was no way to anticipate the cleverness of Ellen DeGeneres.

Who could have known she had a daily talk show?

Which is precisely why I feel I am most qualified to protect you, your family, and those you love most, from the terrorists.

I'm John McCain and I approve of this message.*

*Not John McCain and does not approve of this message.

R. E. Aguirre: "homosexuality is punishable by death"

Homosexuality is an abomination according to the natural grammar of the text in Leviticus,

"You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination"10.

Footnote #10 goes to:
10. (Lev 18:22). A few chapters later we are told that homosexuality is punishable by death (Ibid 20:13).

R. E. Aguirre, promoter of MASS MURDER, May 21 2008, 7:10 PM

Afreh Manu Bernard: "They hate me for emphasizing on the bitter truth."

Don't hate me for my beautiful morality.

Afreh Manu Bernard: Really, something must be wrong in California. I could not believe my ears when news wafted through the atmosphere that the court had overturned the ban on gay-marriages. I am forced to ask: why would any judge, worth his biblical principles, digest the vile arguments of these sex-perverts.
They hate me for emphasizing on the bitter truth. [...] (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13). The New Testament is just as clear on this issue as is the Old Testament. I pray the anti-gay groups never relent in their efforts of overturning that judgment.

Ah yes, that "bitter [Biblical] truth" that gays must be put to death.

(And just incase you're an anti-gay bigot who feels lead to associate yourself with this person, this quote is now on record:)

Afreh Manu Bernard: Oh you, the agnostic, come in with your fiery darts and I am ready to deflate and spike every argument against the existence of Almighty God. I know this piece would whip up bitter sentiments against me; the antiphon would be sickening; some people would curse the hand with which I type such bullets into their fuming mind, and some might even wish to have me tied to a stakes, pull a dagger from its sheath, stab me in the forehead, and squeeze it till I writhe in pain to death. Call me a bible-thumper, or wish for hailstones on my head; the heavens know I have played my role. Indeed, the destiny is in our hands!

"Bitter sentiments," why yes Afreh Manu Bernard, you've got this 'militant homosexual activist' pegged to a tee. I truly do indeed have bitter sentiments in regard to your desire to have me put to death in the name of Jesus Christ, as per Leviticus 20:13.

And P.S. Afreh Manu Bernard, since when do people stab people in the forehead?

Peter LaBarbera:

Here lies the face of the "modern tragedy of “gay” parenthood"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh how I wish I were Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh..

Dr. James Dobson
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh:

Gay men and lesbians must leave the country within 24 hours

kick them out of their compounds

Any hotel, lodge or motel that lodges this kind of individuals will be closed down

never accept such individuals

Punish homosexual acts, even in private, with up to seven years in prison.

More here: Gambian prez: all homos out in 24 hours -- or else

Peter LaBarbera: some children must remain unborn, and/or in foster care.

By Peter LaBarbera
One of the factors that makes the homosexual activist agenda so peculiarly evil is its habit of glomming on to humanity’s most noble institutions and truths — parenting, marriage, love, honesty, justice and “equality” — and putting them in the service of its starkly ignoble cause of winning acceptance for immoral and unhealthy homosexual behavior.

Homosexual behavior being code for sexual promiscuity. Ergo, according to Peter LaBarbera, homosexual parenting is equal to sexual promiscuity.

LaBarbera expounds: Now look at the “gay daddies” propaganda photo again. What emotions does it evoke in you?

LaBarbera expounds further: (If your answer is “joy” at this happy “family,” then you are either lying, deceived or you’ve lost your soul, and your mind.)
Thus, if you don't see SHEER sexual promiscuity whilst viewing that photo, LaBarbera's Christian assessment of you as a lying deceitful mindless-soul...

...must therefore be accurate.

Also see: Peter LaBarbera grows out bangs

Counterfeit Expert Alan Chambers Defines True Love.

Exodus press release:

Alan Chambers on LIFE Today with James & Betty Robison
October 29, 2007

Orlando, FL- Today, Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, will join LIFE Today hosts, James and Betty Robison, to discuss his new book God's Grace & the Homosexual Next Door. LIFE Today is an innovative Christian television broadcast sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people all over the United States, Canada and Australia. Please check local listings to view the show.

S H O W:

Tuesday, October 30
Hosts: James and Betty Robison
Topic: Ministry of Giving special
Webcast: Quicktime, Flash, MP3, Download, Transcript


Emproph-Changes made for easier readability:
-spacing of dialogue
-emboldening of names

Beyond that, the following is as transcribed:

Week 44

Narrator: Next on LIFE Today --
>> You're never going to find what God really intended them to have in the arms of another person of the same sex.

Narrator: Alan Chambers shares God's grace and the homosexual next door.
>> When in fact, the opposite of homosexuality is holiness. Heterosexuality won't fix someone but the best choice that I made was that I chose to leave homosexuality behind.

Narrator: Exposing the myths about homosexuality next.

James: Thank you very much. Thank all of you here and thank you for letting us come into your home. I'm James Robison. Betty is not with me. She's had foot surgery. I've tried to let you know that it is not serious but it is serious in the sense that they did some pretty serious reshaping of a foot and they're going to do the other one. So there will be the first time ever that Betty has not been with me unless I just had to come in and catch someone going through town like going to the airport or coming from the airport headed somewhere else and I wanted you to hear them. But Betty is always here. I appreciate the fact that you love her. Now you know that we deal with issues that are very, very important that are of a serious nature. We're talking about same sex attraction in this program. We're talking about what is referred to as homosexuality and we're going to discuss whether or not it is a choice or whether it is just something that happens, the result of birth and D.N.A. and so forth. We're going to talk to someone who understands firsthand the battle with the homosexual or same sex attraction because he was caught in that in that practice. And now then he is the head of a ministry called Exodus, which is helping churches and caring people know how to reach out and love others who differ in their practices or even their beliefs and love them into what might be a more appropriate lifestyle and practice. I want you to welcome, I believe a very courageous man who talks about his own battle, Alan Chambers. And I want you to see the book, "God's Grace and the Homosexual Next Door." Look at this subheading, "Reaching the heart of the gay men and women in your world" -- "Reaching the heart of the gay men and women." We're going to ask, does that mean that you agree, you approve, you ordain them as leaders in the church and make them ministers? Or do you say that this is something that the Bible seems to indicate is not of a moral nature, not best but out of line. What do you say? Well, let's welcome someone who is open and willing to talk about it. Would you welcome Alan Chambers to LIFE Today? Alan, thank you for being here.

Alan: Thanks. My pleasure.

James: Let me just say right up front, I appreciate your openness. I appreciate the fact you're willing to talk openly and I also appreciate the fact that you're willing to go into a community, into a church or any setting where people say, we want to do something other than disagree with, criticize, stone throw, hurt, damage; we don't want that to happen but we happen to believe that help could and should be offered. So you're willing to go into any place and try to help when you talk about reaching the heart of gay men and women, you mean that. When you talk about "God's Grace and the Homosexual Next Door," you mean it. Let me open by saying something that I shared before with our audience and many of them, perhaps didn't hear. I was talking about loving everybody with a large group of men in front of me, very successful businessmen in this particular setting. When I concluded, one of the men said, "May I say something?" And I talked about loving people who may live differently than we do and I'd even referred to loving people who may struggle in areas that we don't understand like homosexuality and having love. And this man said, very successful -- he said, "If you have trouble loving a homosexual, you probably need one in your family." He had just found out days before that his son was a practicing homosexual and was now a homosexual activist and promoting it, and he loved his son. He felt somehow encouraged that he would hear someone visible say we need to love. There is no condemning. He said thank you for that. I thought he made a pretty good statement there. If you can't love them, you probably need one real close by so you understand the importance of it. Would you agree with that?

Alan: I absolutely agree. A number of years ago I was sitting in a pastors' conference, I was on staff at a large church and I went to this pastors’ conference. The pastor who was speaking wasn't even speaking about the issue of homosexuality but he all of the sudden said what I believe the Holy Spirit just dropped into his heart. And he said, "I believe that God is in love with the homosexual." He didn't stay there, he didn't qualify it. He didn't say anything more than that. We all knew what he meant. But I was sitting in that audience as someone who had struggled with that and was just reduced to a weeping mess thinking --

James: God's in love with everybody! He is in love with sinners but he doesn't love the sin that would hold them captive, agree? There is a difference. We really do come across -- I think when we don't understand something and I don't understand the homosexual attraction. I don't -- but I do understand that it is very real to the people who are in it. Agree?

Alan: Absolutely, it is very real. It is so similar whether we're talking about heterosexual attraction or homosexual attraction, it boils down to one thing, sexuality is a relational issue. The truth is that it is not about sex. For me it wasn't about sex, it was about the fact that I was devoid of what I felt I needed -- this craving for male affirmation, for acceptance, for camaraderie, for just someone to love me. At a very early age, things went awry and I began to struggling with same sex attraction. But it was really -- what I came to understand was an illegitimate way to meet a legitimate need. A need that God had given me to be met that wasn't met and I went seeking it in a way that was not the way that he intended.

James: Was just getting married the solution to somebody that is battling in that area?

Alan: No, in fact, that only complicates the issue. For so many people, they think the opposite of homosexuality is heterosexuality. If we just fill it with another lust or if we date the opposite sex or look at pornographic images of the opposite sex or get married. When in fact, the opposite of homosexuality is holiness. Heterosexuality won't fix someone. Heterosexuality is a by-product of someone who --

James: Heterosexual problems have to have the same fix.

Alan: Absolutely, it is holiness. We are not called to switch lusts. We are not called to adopt another addiction. We're called to pursue the Lord and to be holy like he is holy and that's the focus.

James: Do you think because we tend -- it's the hand in the cookie jar deal. It's something exciting about doing something and then if you get caught then it becomes secretive but still an impulse. Do you think that the fact that society and the quote pro-family world so frowns on this act that it drives people away from help and into a more secretive lifestyle until then finally they come out blatantly bold in defense of it? Do you think all these things are happening inside the person that's battling?

Alan: I do. I think that our churches are filled with people who are struggling with these and other types of issues. And because we talk about them most, we say that they are the worst sins of all, or we make it sound like they're the worst sins of all people are sitting there in shame and secrecy thinking, I can't share this with my pastor, I can't share this with my friend, I can't share this with anyone because it is so condemned, so hated, so awful that I've just got to get it fixed and we try to fix ourselves when God didn't create us to do this by ourselves. So many people find themselves acting out because of that shame.

James: And not ever going for help because they would be shamed. Right?

Alan: That's right.

James: I'm really wondering if one of the things that feeds the tendency, that makes it stronger is the fear of what others will do if they knew. It is almost like it might harden you in it. It contributes to the problem, I think.

Alan: Sure, I think that fear keeps you bound and sin loves secrecy, it loves darkness and it thrives there. And because we
can't be honest in church, the very place where we should be able to to be honest, then I think we go other places and meet that need ourselves or try to fix ourselves and it doesn't work.

James: Then don't you find companionship and compatibility in somebody else with the same problem who then would agree with you and comfort one another in the situation, then that adds to the fire, that kindles it.

Alan: Sure, I think that can certainly happen. But you know the other thing, we find comfort -- at times, my very best friends were my fantasies. They were the only place that I could go and be who I thought I was.

James: And by fantasies do you mean just in your mind or you went to somebody and acted it out?

Alan: Well, in my mind but that did take me to acting out. It took me -- because I couldn't get enough in my mind any longer. Pornography wasn't enough. Fantasy wasn't enough. I had to go find someone to see if I could meet that need.

James: So were you looking for something beyond sex though? You were looking for relationship, which is why a lot of people who are in the pro-gay marriage commitment situation is saying, what we really want is we want approval of a relationship we're trying to have. This thing is bigger than just the fact that we have a sexual attraction, we want a relationship. Is that what they're in a sense saying?

Alan: Yeah, I think that's part of it but I believe so much that the gay community and those who are fighting for those rights really are looking for legitimacy. They're looking for someone to finally help them feel even better about themselves. Because what I know as somebody who struggled with this issue was I couldn't feel good about myself. I think those who are out there fighting for rights, they are looking for society to say, this is good and therefore they'll feel maybe I am okay.

James: Do you think they would feel better about themselves then?

Alan: No, I don't because what I know is they're looking for something that they're never going to find. They're looking for something in a relationship they're never going to find. They're never going to find what God really intended them to have in the arms of another person of the same sex or in a relationship with a person of the same sex. It is a counterfeit. It is something that meets a need for a while. And if you know anything about counterfeit money, I worked in a bank for a period of time; really good counterfeit spends for years. I think that's really the essence of the homosexual lifestyle. The many homosexual lifestyles that are out there are really a good counterfeit. And people who don't know any better, who haven't experienced the real thing, who haven't experienced that real true intimacy and love relationship, they're not going to know the difference; they're not going to know there is something better. I knew the difference. I knew there was something better and I went searching for it.

James: And you found that in a relationship with God.

Alan: I found that in a relationship with Christ.

James: And with caring people who really did care about you?

Alan: The church -- the best thing that I found was through the ministry that I went to for help is they pointed me to the church at every turn and I found people who were there who said, my sin's no different than your sin.

James: When you found some deliverance and freedom, did you find these things could come back at you and you had to have a process of growing in strength?

Alan: Absolutely. I found that for me -- there were portions of my struggle -- the emotional struggle for instance, after a couple of years I felt like I had found complete deliverance from the emotional aspect of homosexuality. I couldn't explain it. I still don't understand it today but one day I was emotionally addicted to relationships with men and the next day I wasn't. But physically, that was a process; even getting to the point of being delivered emotionally, that was a process. And it is something that I've realized --

James: And mental images too? Pictures?

Alan: Sure, those things have been resident in there for decades.

James: And did people help the healing process, their contribution by their compassion?

Alan: Most definitely. It was the work of the church, the people who were there; my counselor, my family, my friends. They helped me in every way.

James: All right, when you say homosexuality is the worst of all sins that is a myth. How do you say it is a myth?

Alan: I speak in churches and groups all over the world and I never get to a place where I don't hear someone insinuate or say overtly homosexuality is worse than what I've dealt with. Or they'll bring up homosexuality as an abomination. If you go to Proverbs 6:16 through 19 and you see there that there is more than just homosexuality, in fact, homosexuality isn't mentioned in that verse. There are things like haughty eyes, men that stir up dissension among brothers, feet that are quick to rush into evil, all of those things. I think that the ground was level at the foot of the cross. It is not just homosexuality, it is Jesus died for all of us or he died for none of us.

James: The Galatians passage talks the fruit of the spirit and the fruit of the flesh deals more with attitude problems even than moral problems; the dissension, the hostility, the animosity, the hatred, the slander, all these things are despicable. That's what is keeping Christians apart. That's what's keeping the church -- it's what keeping our nation apart. Even our houses of congress, they can't talk to each other; they're unreasoning, unreasonable. We need healing. The myth that homosexuality is a choice.

Alan: I think this is one of the things that we as Christians talk about most. We'll say, if they would just choose this or just choose not to be gay or they just chose to feel this way. When the truth is, I would have never in a million years woken up one morning and chosen to have same sex attractions. Those things for me, that wasn't a choice, I didn't choose to feel gay. But at the same time, I did choose my behavior. I chose what I got involved in. And based upon the feelings that I had and the circumstances that were before me I chose to be involved in homosexuality. But the best choice that I made was that I chose to leave homosexuality behind, despite the fact that I had these feelings, despite the fact that I had these attractions. The world says you can't do it, that you shouldn't do it but what I knew was that God created me for something far different. He hold me himself that he created me for something different than the way I was living and I chose in that moment to do everything I could to leave homosexuality behind and that was 15 years ago.

James: So it is not something that is a choice that is imposed upon you beyond your ability to choose a different direction. I'm sitting here, my mind racing. I'm thinking about boys and girls coming into puberty, boys and girls beginning to date and they get too close and with all of the feelings of sensuality they get really hot for each other sexually and pretty soon they want to feed it so they have a choice. They didn't choose to get stirred the first time they got close and embraced and things began to emotionally race inside of them that they didn't even understand was there. They didn't choose this, it is happening. They don't understand it. If they haven't had wise counsel and good oversight and guiding in their life, they will likely make the wrong choice with what to do with these desires and appetites. That's the point I hear you making. Really, we have to make those choices all the way through because we're going to find ourselves getting stirred. When David looked on Bathsheba he was stirred but he had to make a choice. He didn't choose for her to go out there and take a bath out where he could see her from the balcony. He didn't make that choice. There it was. He noticed and suddenly he made a choice, the wrong choice. Is this what you're saying?

Alan: Absolutely. The truth is that once we get into situations that are very difficult to get out of, making the right choice becomes even more difficult. That's where we have to choose from the very beginning, I'm not going to think that, I'm not going to go to this movie, I'm not going to look at this magazine. Sometimes it is thrust upon us in a way that we can't choose better but we've got to make that --

James: And we need help to make the better choices and we don't need to get beat up when we made the wrong one or when we failed or when the truck hit us and knocked us flat or when the monkey on our back became a gorilla that pulled us down. We need somebody to say, I'll help get this off of you. I will help lift the load. I will help lift your eyes. I will help pick you up. That's what I hear you saying in the book. That's what you're saying when you teach. You're trying to help the church learn how to lift people out of the pit, not heap dirt on them while they're in the pit. Do you want to say thanks to Alan Chambers for what he is doing? For what God has done in his life? Let me just say, if you watch LIFE Today, you're not going to find any qualified stone throwers here. We're not throwing darts at people that fail or people who are different. I struggle. I've been defeated. I understand what it is like to be defeated and be afraid to tell anybody. I know what it is like when you find somebody, if you tell them, they lift the load instead of heaping a load on your shoulders. Religion can do that, unkind people can do it. We want to lift the burden and wherever you are -- you may want somebody to pray with you. That's a number paid for by love. It's an 800 number, love pays for that. Love will respond. We want to help you and you may -- sometimes homosexual people say I don't want help! Let me tell you something, only God can deliver us. Only God can help us and we can enter into a relationship like Alan is talking about. So I don't care where you are. I don't care what you struggle with, God loves you. He's not mad at you. We're not mad at you. We just want you to know that he is extending a nail-pierced hand to you to pick you up and hold you close to his heart forever and to love you, no matter where you are. Alan wants to help us learn how to love the people we may not understand. He wants us to understand a love that can lift us all out of a pit and we need to learn to share that more effectively. We've got a lot to learn. Once again, you want to say thanks to Alan? I really appreciate you. God bless you. Get the book, it’s in the bookstores. If you want Alan to come sometime to your community and help the churches, he'll be glad to do that. Alan, you're going to like what we're doing to help others because it is sharing the heart of God. We're trying to meet physical needs so that we can see spiritual needs met too. Watch closely. You're going to like this. You're going to have a part.

Beth: James and Betty, to our viewers this may just look like a field that could be anywhere here in Southern Africa but you know this particular field and how differently it looks today than when you were here 15 years ago.

James: It rips at your heart to see children who are hungry, who are hurting, who have lost their smile. But these are children who have just died. They've just been buried since we were here asking for help. Beth: You have told us about the time that you were here in this war torn country when famine and starvation had killed so many children.

James: I'm in the midst of a thousand children's graves. Most of them didn't have to die. They died like this little kid here who didn't have the nutrition; mother too malnourished to feed them. We're told that millions face death right now in Southern Africa where I'm kneeling in the midst of children's graves, fresh dug graves in the distance. We can stop it.

Beth: We have great celebration today because we're not standing in lines to bury children -- not right now, not in this graveyard. Now listen, there are children still dying. I just left a malnutrition clinic just moments ago and then I saw children that we've already got names of that we're going to be checking on tomorrow and the next day, have they lived through the night? Have they lived through the next 48 hours? Will they live at all? The heartbreak and devastation is indescribable. We still have so many millions of children starving in Africa but I want you to know something, we have made a beginning and it is changing. And James and Betty, I want to join with the two of you thanking our viewers. Your giving makes a difference! Some of you have made huge sacrifices and we want you to know that it has not been in vain -- it is going into the stomachs of hungry children so that this kind of thing doesn't happen. So that it is the kind of thing that is in the past and not the present. So that we can remember, yes, but remember, and not have something that we see today in open graves with something that just leaves us feeling hopeless.

James: Oh, boy! Beth, I'm so glad you were able to give a positive report. I looked out over a field of grass. There was a movie called "Field of Dreams." That's a field of memories and most of the parents and family members can only remember that their children were buried in that field. They are no longer digging up in that area because it was in that area that we established solid feeding lines. As a matter of fact, they were so effective that in one of the settings, years ago after we had stabilized the kids and they were singing praise songs in a little church, the pastor saw us leaving and he thought we would never come back. The children were just getting healthy but he was depending on the food. He followed us to the car and he said, "I guess you won't come back any more because the children are better, but if we don't keep feeding them they will get worse." And we told him, "We're coming back. We didn't come to just look in and leave, we're coming back." Betty commented many times as we were leaving areas of crisis that the people would wonder, did you just come and look and you won't come back? That's what Beth was saying. She was rejoicing in the fact that in that area they're not burying the children. That's because of the miracle in the bowl. That's because of what the nourishment in food that love provides has done. But in the other areas, like the malnutrition clinic where she had just left and all the other remote areas, the children are hungry, the missionaries are in place, the relief workers are there. They risk their lives in areas like the Sudan. All they're asking us to do is provide the resources necessary so they can feed those they have located who are in desperate need. They're willing to place their life there but we have to give them the ability to share life, not just look and be bewildered or concerned but to make a difference, to see the miracles like baby Matthew, like stopping the death cycle in that area where they were burying children by the scores every day. Would you dial the telephone number there right now, please? Would you take your bankcard and use it like a check. Please do it. Go ahead and move right now. You've been moved, now I've asking you to move to make the difference. Go to the telephone, dial that number, become an answer to prayer. Use your bankcard, make the best gift you can whether it is $30, $50, or $100 and I'll always encourage you to give $100 to feed ten children for the next months. But $50 will care for five, and $30 for three and those three are important so there is no gift too small or too large. $1,000 will enable us to care for 100 children. You may be able to do that and if you can do it, I think you'll want to do it. But please, right now take your bankcard, make that call. If you want to write a check, make it to LIFE. You can go online, and make a gift. Would you do it right now please? We have some special gifts for you, a wonderful volume two of the great hymns that we all love, instrumental. It is absolutely tremendous. And the book about the hymns and how they originated, how they were inspired. You are going to cherish these gifts and you're going to make a difference in the lives of many children. Your love never fails when you release it by making that call, by making that gift. Thank you for going to the phone. Thank you for making the gift. God bless you and he will and he blesses through you.

Narrator: In remote areas of Southern Africa people are suffering, facing death by starvation and those hit the hardest are children. Life's mission feeding program is in place ready to feed and care for over 400,000 children in Angola, Mozambique, and famine areas of Sudan. Yet to meet the children's needs, we urgently need your support. Previous food reserves are gone and we desperately need to replenish our supplies for the feeding programs as soon as possible. Your life-saving gift of $30, $50, or $100 will help feed and care for three, five, or ten children for the next four months. With your gift of any amount we'll send you, "Then Sings My Soul" volume two. This new edition of LIFE's popular instrumental CD collection features 30 classic hymns beautifully performed by some of today's most gifted musicians. With your gift of $125 or more to help feed ten children we would also like to send you volume two of "Then Sings My Soul," 150 of the world's greatest hymn stories. Beautifully bound in leather, this newest volume of our popular collector's edition records the stories behind the great hymns of the church making these a perfect gift for friends and family. Finally, as a special challenge please prayerfully consider a gift of $1,000 or more to help save the lives of 100 children and you may also request the beautiful bronze sculpture titled, "As the Deer." Please call, write, or make your gift online today.

James: Well, we really do need to hear from you. I'm asking you to make the call. We depend on you. You need to make that call right now. Thanks for your help. Let me remind you, "God's Grace and the Homosexual Next Door," well stated -- Alan Chambers. There is his web site if you want him to come and help in your community, your church, or some of the people from Exodus. Say the web site out loud.

Alan: Www.Exodus.TO or

James: All right, there it is. That's a mouthful, isn't it? I praise God for what you're doing. Thank you for watching. Again, say thanks to Alan. I appreciate what you're doing at Exodus. It's a great ministry to help people find the way out and the way up. Thanks for watching. Thanks for your help.

Narrator: Join us tomorrow as James and Betty share their story.

James: I was only five years old when I literally put everything I had in this suitcase, Betty.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Olbermann Special Comment *Mr Bush SHUT THE HELL UP!!! pt.2


Then came Mr. Bush's final blow to our nation's solar plexus, his last re-opening of our common wounds, his last remark that makes the rest of us question not merely his leadership or his judgment but his very suitably to remain in office.

"Mr. President," he was asked, "you haven't been golfing in recent years. Is that related to Iraq?

"Yes," began perhaps the most startling reply of this nightmarish blight on our lives as Americans on our history.

"It really is. I don't want some mom whose son may have recently died, to see the Commander-in-Chief playing golf. I feel I owe it to the families to be as -- to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal."

Golf, Sir?

Golf sends the wrong signal to the grieving families of our men and women butchered in Iraq?

Do you think these families, Mr. Bush, their lives blighted forever, care about you playing golf…

Do you think, Sir, they care about you?

You, Mr. Bush, let their sons and daughters be killed.

Sir, to show your solidarity with them you gave up golf?

Sir, to show your solidarity with them you didn't give up your pursuit of this insurance-scam, profiteering, morally and financially bankrupting war.

Sir, to show your solidarity with them you didn't even give up talking about Iraq a subject about which you have incessantly proved without pause or backwards glance, that you may literally be the least informed person in the world?

Sir, to show your solidarity with them, you didn't give up your presidency?

In your own words "solidarity as best as I can" is to stop a game? That is the "best" you can?

4,000 Americans give up their lives and your sacrifice was to give up golf!


Not "gulf" -- golf.

And still it gets worse.

Because it proves that the President's unendurable sacrifice, his unbearable pain, the suspension of getting to hit a stick with a ball, was not even his own damned idea.

"Mr. President, was there a particular moment or incident that brought you to that decision, or how did you come to that?"

"I remember when de Mello, who was at the U.N., got killed in Baghdad as a result of these murderers taking this good man's life. And I was playing golf -- I think I was in central Texas -- and they pulled me off the golf course and I said, it's just not worth it any more to do."

Your one, tone-deaf, arrogant, pathetic, embarrassing gesture, and you didn't even think of it yourself?

The great Bushian sacrifice, an Army private loses a leg, a Marine loses half his skull, four thousand of their brothers and sisters lose their lives, you lose golf and they have to pull you off the golf course to get you to just do that?

If it's even true.

Apart from your medical files, which dutifully record your torn calf muscle and the knee pain which forced you to give up running at the same time,coincidence no doubt,the bombing in Baghdad which killed Sergio Vieira de Mello of the UN and interrupted your round of golf, was on August 19th, 2003.

Yet CBS News has records of you playing golf as late as October 13th of that year, nearly two months later.


Mr. Bush, I hate to break it to you six-and-a-half years after you yoked this nation and your place in history to the wrong war, in the wrong place, against the wrong people.

But the war in Iraq is not about you.

It is not, Mr. Bush, about your grief when American after American comes home in a box.

It is not, Mr. Bush, about what your addled brain has produced in the way of paranoid delusions of risks that do not exist, ready to be activated if some Democrat, and not your twin Mr. McCain succeeds you.

The war in Iraq, your war, Mr. Bush, is about how you accomplished the derangement of two nations, and how you helped funnel billions of taxpayer dollars to lascivious and perennially thirsty corporations like Halliburton and Blackwater, and how you sent 4,000 Americans to their deaths for nothing.

It is not, Mr. Bush, about your golf game!

And, Sir, if you have any hopes that next January 20th will not be celebrated as a day of soul-wrenching, heart-felt Thanksgiving, because your faithless stewardship of this presidency will have finally come to a merciful end, this last piece of advice:

When somebody asks you, Sir, about Democrats who must now pull this country back from the abyss you have placed us at...

When somebody asks you, Sir, about the cooked books and faked threats you foisted on a sincere and frightened nation…

When somebody asks you, Sir, about your gallant, noble, self-abnegating sacrifice of your golf game so as to soothe the families of the war dead.

This advice, Mr. Bush…

Shut the... hell up!

Good night, and good luck.

Focus on the Family: No seriously, we made this within 24 hrs of the CA ruling.

And now for a sneak peak into the Focus on the Family "has its own zip-code" Headquarters…

Pay no attention to the red curtain behind the man:

Hi, I’m Stuart Shepard, this is Stoplight.


Woman: What if?

Man: What if?

Stuart Shepard: What if a court ruled that it’s unconstitutional to say that only H2O can be water?

What if judges declared it just wasn’t fair to oxygen… (“pours” empty glass of air into another empty glass (of air))

And hydrogen… ("fills" upside down glass with contents of an inflated balloon.)

So it mandated that all three are now…water.

Second woman: What if?

Third woman: What if?

Stuart Shepard: What if public schools were forced to teach it?

Original Man (now as teacher): Today we are going to study the properties of water.

It is at room temperature, a liquid. It is also a gas that you can breathe. And, it is lighter than air, and highly flammable. And that is the reason that the Hindenburg went up in flames, it was full of water.

Second man: What if?

Fourth woman: What if?

Stuart Shepard: What if ordinary people were confused by the change?

First woman: I don’t know why my plant’s not growing, I water it every day. (pretends to pour water onto dead plant with empty watering can)

Stuart Shepard: What if the health department made restaurants follow the law?

First woman (now as waitress): Alright sweetie, here’s your spaghetti, and your sweet tea. (delivers uncooked spaghetti on plate, and glass of powdered tea)

Stuart Shepard: Thank you. (*CRUNCH* - Shepard cuts into uncooked spaghetti with fork)

As an astute stoplight viewer, you already know this is not a hypothetical, it’s…California.

And it isn’t water, it’s marriage.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Too Precious

California strikes down the same sex marriage ban clearing the way for gay and lesbian couples to get married legally!

Full link to Story here: Way to Go California!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mike Ensley: "Homosexuality happens."

Exodus International's Youth Analyst Mike Ensley instructs parents on how to permanently lovingly ruin their relationship with their children.

What To Do When Your Child is Gay
By Mike Ensley

Parents often don’t know how to respond when a family member admits same-sex attraction. Here’s how you can offer Christ’s love and healing.

How can you help to disown and alienate you child in a Christlike and loving way you ask? As Mike Ensley shares with us, it's easy.

Just as the young Christian with SSA usually isolates himself in a closet of shame, so his parents often close themselves off from others for fear of judgment. The church should be an environment that puts wounded individuals and families at ease; instead it is often the opposite.

One of the best ways to harm yourself and your child indeed - Focus intently on this unnecessarily imposed "closet of shame." As Mike Ensley offers, Exodus has over "170 local ministries and counselors offer support," which can help you to do just that.

But make SURE not to tell your son or daughter that Exodus International is a Holocaust Revisionist hate-group, as they will have probably already taken a history class.

Deception is key. Write that down.

After that, it's important to associate same-sex attraction, in and of itself, with sexual promiscuity as much as possible, and as ambiguously as possible by referring to your son or daughter's human-desire for love and companionship as a "lifestyle."

This effectively defines their human-desire for love and companionship as perverted in God's eyes. (and yours!)

Note how Mike Ensley utilizes key phrases like "gay lifestyle" and "such a [dangerous] lifestyle," without ever defining what that means:
Set attainable goals. In the scores of meetings, first phone calls and e-mails I’ve shared with concerned parents, I find that their primary focus is to “fix” their kid—and it’s no wonder, considering all the danger, sin and uncertainty we associate with the gay lifestyle. Naturally a loving mother or father wants to rescue their child from the consequences of such a lifestyle by keeping him or her from becoming entrenched in it.

By painting every gay person who is alive as some nebulous mass of "destructive lifestyles," your son or daughter will temporarily associate themselves with this, but just long enough not to want to be apart of it.

If however, they ever ask what "it" is, immediately take away their computer, cell phone, and all access to media of any kind - including print!

This next one's a biggie:
Discover your part in the problem. [...] There is no one person or act that caused your child’s human brokenness to take the shape of SSA.

There's just no way of getting around this one. Your child is under Satan's thumb itself for wanting to love and be loved like any other human being -- BUT YOU MUST TELL THEM THIS!

If not for you, who?

Remember, Mike Ensley knows best about this. As a completely-cured of homosexuality individual, despite the fact that he still feels homosexual attractions, there's no substitute for imploring your child to believe that a lonely and loveless life is God's will for them.

And most importantly, once they accept this truth for themselves, they can then share with other SSA self-accepting individuals, as to how God truly sees them as well.

As illustrated here:
As Christians, it’s up to us to show gay people how God sees them:

Also see Truth Wins Out: Seeding Parents with Self-Blame and Isolation, Exodus Youth Activist Poisons Family Ties

Tony “I lust to hate gays" Perkins:

-the court has overturned not only the historic definition of marriage, but the clear will of the people of California

-The California Supreme Court assumed the powers of a legislative body

-The California Supreme Court has taken a jackhammer to the democratic process

-Four judges discarded the votes of 4,618,673 Californians

-This decision put marriage at risk all across the nation

Au contraire Mr. Perkins, this decision puts sanity like yours, itself, "all across the nation" at risk...

head explode

Peter LaBarbera: "How will homosexual California couples — say, two men — consummate their “marriages”?

head explode

This blog post inspired by American's for Truth about Homosexuality.

I just think this is reeealy cool.


Scorpions and Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra - Hurricane 2000

The added orchestra of violins seems to add an extra ocean of emotion.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Re: Crystal Dixon
She was officially terminated from her $134,383 job on Monday.

Economic data is irrefutable: The normative statistic for a bigot in the USA, include access to an online column: For female anti-gay supremacists, the median household income is $134,383/yr.
Dixon is reportedly considering a lawsuit challenging her firing.

Well obviously. Without a trailing lawsuit you may as well not even have a persecution complex.

Women using women's bathrooms? What's next?

Same story. Short articles. Different spins.

Woman ejected from restaurant for looking too masculine settles suit

Lesbian, Village eatery settle lawsuit

Lesbian chased out of NYC bathroom settles suit

Militant homosexual activist denigrates Peter LaBarbera's bangs

Original story here.

Peter LaBarbera grows out bangs

Gay Christian Movement Watch endorses mass murder for God:

@ the 2:46 mark:

Gay Christian Movement Watch: They got this line they use, um, I have to chuckle when I hear it, uh, it’s so ridiculous. They say that the Bible doesn’t speak about homosexuality as we understand it today. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?

Brother Solomon: Well the Bible says in the book of Leviticus, uh, 18 and 22, that a man should not lie down with another man as he lie down with his wife.

In the book of Leviticus 20 and 13, the Bible says a man should not lie down with another man’s lie down wife--such an abomination unto God (sic), and if you read further down, they got stoned, during the time of Moses. The difference today is, because we have salvation, God gives you many opportunities to repent of that sin of sodomy, to get right by him by faith in Christ.
Leviticus 20 "and" 13:

If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

For more information on how you too can support mass murder for God, see:

Gay Christian Movement Watch


YouTube’s miketelz’ archive, which includes more video’s of genocide supporter Brother Solomon.

Here's a poetic crash course on the whole thing...

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Origin of Love

When the earth was still flat,
And the clouds made of fire,
And mountains stretched up to the sky,
Sometimes higher...


Monday, May 12, 2008

Randy Thomas lies about own-mission

From Teach the Facts: David Fishback on NewsChannel 8: Transcript

Randy Thomas, Vice President of Exodus International says...
"Well, we never suggested that all gays need to be cured. That’s not one of our talking points. That’s our opponent’s talking point."
Yet Exodus International says...
"EXODUS upholds heterosexuality as God's creative intent for humanity, and subsequently views homosexual expression as outside of God's will. EXODUS cites homosexual tendencies as one of many disorders that beset fallen humanity. Choosing to resolve these tendencies through homosexual behavior, taking on a homosexual identity, and involvement in the homosexual lifestyle is considered destructive, as it distorts God's intent for the individual and is thus sinful."
Related posts: As Christians, it’s up to us to show gay people how God sees them:
UPDATE: 5-21-08, Teach the Facts transcript confirmed by Randy Thomas:

Randy Thomas: "While in DC, at a Pastor’s conference, I did a local debate regarding the APA silencing people holding the “ex-gay” viewpoint from speaking into a symposium they had scheduled and then canceled at the last minute. Someone forwarded the transcript to me. I phoned in to the local CBS affiliate there in town because it was *very* last minute and I couldn’t get there and do all the things I had to do for the conference at the same time. I did not alter the transcript at all but it was sent to me by a third party. After reading it I think it is word for word."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

And Tango Makes Activism

In his Stoplight video commentary, Stuart Shepard explains what gay activists want your kids to learn from a book about penguins.

Hi I’m Stuart Shepard, this is Stoplight. It’s story time.

Here it is, the book that got a Virginia school official razzzed by the ladies on the View.

It’s a story of two penguins who fall in love:

Silo: [In high falsetto voice]: Hi, I’m Silo.
Roy: [In deep manly voice]: I’m Roy.
Silo: You’re cute
Roy: I look exactly like you.
Silo: Whatever. Let’s fall in love.
Roy: OK.
Did I mention both penguins are boys?
[Makes car noises] Rumm num num num num
Silo: Let’s go to Vermont for a civil union.
Roy: Ok.
[Makes more car noises] Rum num num num num
Together, they adopt an egg, and raise baby Tango.
The school official saw that the book was more about activism than flightless water fowl, and had the book removed from general circulation at the elementary school. You don’t need me to describe the outrage that followed.
Silo voice: Respect for all!
Roy voice: Censorship!
I went to a gay activist educator conference a few years ago, and one of the workshops dealt with how work gay themes into the regular curriculum, all the way down to kindergarten. “Under the radar” is how they described that.

By the way, YOU...are the radar.

They want to co opt the public schools to change how the kids in your life think about marriage, and relationships. Because you’re obviously filling their heads with crazy thoughts like, ya know, marriage being between one man and one woman.

Two problems with this whole scenario.

Number one, do we really want to take our moral cues from flightless waterfowl that order squid at the drive through? ‘Cause if we do, it’ll soon be illegal to wear anything except a tuxedo. You could be fined for setting your Jacuzzi higher than 32°. And we’d have to fly every pregnant woman to the south pole to huddle together on the ice in the 40 below zero howling wind during the six months of darkness.

*snicker*...*snicker*...The other problem is that as penguins do, Roy and Silo broke up, and Silo fell in love with another penguin, a girl penguin. Yep, he’s an ex-gay penguin.

…Take 3: Here it is, the book that got a Virginia fool…fool official, yeah, I’ve known a few of those...ok, Take 4...

An open answer to a commenter of Truth Wins Out

Tim Horton says...
"I actually am frightened somewhat by folks who use the climate argument, since with this belief they must at some point target core beliefs which arise from religion."

But we’re only talking about those "core beliefs" that foster a climate of violence. Why would you have a problem with this?
"To shut down the sharing of these beliefs, they must destroy these communities. "

Again, we’re only talking about those communities who willingly foster hatred and violence. Again still, why would you have a problem with this?
Do you really think Roman Catholics are going to change their doctrine of sexuality?

It’s not about “changing” any doctrine of sexuality, the issue is about exposing those who hypocritically and unfairly depict the human-sexuality of some people, as innately harmful and/or malicious.
"Abuse of Christian communities is already happening in Canada where Christians are unable to say that homosexual practices are not good for the persons or society."

And do you consider pro-gay Christians to be actual Christians?

How about gay Christians?

If not, why do you feel you are in a position to speak for them?
"We also see this phenomenon happening to a greater extent in the UK. While some would say, “right on” to getting rid of religion, I anticipate a backlash whereby religious folks eventually will really align themselves with fascist groups, in order to freely practice their religion."

As well they should, fascist groups are their home. But you’re not speaking about religious folk per se, you’re speaking about a supremacism that is being claimed as religion, which isn’t fair -- as any criminal can claim their behavior to be religious -- or the practice of their harmful behavior to be their religion.
"The solution is a very liberal respect for freedom of speech, even if it is offensive speech. Answer this supposed wrong speech with your own speech, rather than resorting to spurious “climate” arguments."

Well if climate change is so spurious, Tim, what could possibly be easier for you to refute?

Next time Christians like you say that your “deeply held moral beliefs” are based on the genocide of Leviticus 20:13, just take that extra step to let people know that the advocacy of murder in the name of God has no effect, climate-wise, or what-so-ever.

"Hey, were Christians, we’re here. Get over it. Same for y’all."

NOT THE SAME AT ALL. You speak for supremacists who claim to hold the Golden Rule as the standard.

Atheists who actually practice the Golden Rule are more Christian in nature than Christians who advocate genocide in the name of the Golden Rule.

Tim Horton's "homepage":

This November, tell unmarried couples what you really think of them.

For more information visit Florida4marriage and Yes2marriage.

Without your vote, their legal contracts will still be binding.

As Christians, it’s up to us to show gay people how God sees them:


Thursday, May 8, 2008

If you won't prevent my foster parents from adopting me, who will?


Florida Anti-Gay Amendment 2 - Vote yes, Nov. 2008

This ad not sponsored by or

I say Let’s talk about your characterization of this as "not wanting to talk about it."

Mike Ensley: If there are some folks who need to censor, stigmatize, call names--that only leads me to ask, who are they really trying to convince? My guess: themselves.

Mike Ensley: None of that changes the fact that people who struggle with homosexuality don't have to embrace it. They can live differently, love differently, and find happiness and wholeness on another path. People can and people do. That's all I need to know.

How? How Mike? How can they love differently?

How can they LOVE differently?
Mike Ensley: But you've got to suspect why some can't abide even the possibility of discussing ex-gay lives and views.

Yet you state yourself that you continue to experience same-sex attraction.

From the hideously--virulently-anti-gay Day of Truth website you say: "As a single guy who continues to experience h same-sex attractions"

And from your own Exodus Youth Truth and Tolerance DVD you say: "Do I still feel, homosexual attractions? Um, yeah."
Mike Ensley: People can and people do. That's all I need to know.
So be it. But I would ask, how is it possible that you can feel responsible for offering and defending something that you do not even have for yourself?

Citizenlink Turn Signal with Kim Trobee (As opposed to Stoplight with Stuart Shepard)

Canceled Symposium Silences Christian View on Homosexuality

Kim Trobee: Alright, for awhile there, it looked like gay activists would finally sit down with pro-family leaders, to discuss homosexuality and therapy.

The American Psychiatric Association had planned an event that featured gay-bishop Gene Robinson, and president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Al Mohler. But when Robinson felt pressure from gay activists, the APA quickly caved, cancelling the event, and any discussion.

In fact, the Washington Times quoted symposium organizer David Scasta, excusing his organization by saying: "It [the symposium] was a way to have a balanced discussion about religion, and how it influences therapy … We wanted to talk rationally, calmly, and respectfully to each other, but the external forces made it into a divisive debate it never intended to be."

Gay activist groups often claim they want to reach out to people of faith, but Randy Thomas with Exodus International says pulling the plug, doesn’t exactly encourage open dialogue.

We talked to him via webcam:

Randy Thomas: And it’s pretty amazing, that if they’re truly wanting to be as diverse as they claim, they would accept people who have a different perspective on faith with regard to this issue.

Kim Trobee: Randy, Exodus is seeing more and more people, questioning their same-sex attractions, and wanting to live out their faith, but are we doing a disservice to them if we say that they can’t get the help that they seek?

Randy Thomas: Absolutely, I think the APA has gone from a psychiatric association, to the American Politically Correct Association. They have abandoned the tenent (sic) of self determination, and for people like myself, who want to live according to their faith tenents (sic), they’re abandoning us. And it’s a sad situation when a professional organization is not willing to look at the truth. And the truth is, for 16 years, I have lived according to my faith, I have not identified as gay, and my sexual orientation has changed.

Kim Trobee: Thomas says the canceled debate underscores just who’s willing to come to the table and offer their best argument, and, who’s not.
Turn Signal
© 2008 Focus Action

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"to refer to someone who is transgendered by their birth name is neither insulting nor disparaging"

Bad question #4: "What is, or was, your "real" name?"
(@ the 4:12 mark)

This question’s a biggie. My real name is Calpernia Addams, dumbass. What are you really asking here?

When people ask me this question, what I hear, is that you either consider my current identity to be:

A Fabrication
A Lie
A Put-on
A Costume
Or a Joke…

…and you want to get at the "real" truth, behind who I "really" am.

Implication -- a man.

Or, um, they just want to have something to hold on to, to put me back in my place; "Who do you think you are Calpernia, pretending to be a woman? I know your real name, and you’ll always be ‘Frank Smith’ or, ‘Butch Jones' or, whatever to me."

Youu ;)

Well don’t ask this, it’s none of your business.

“Hey, but everybody knows that Marilyn Monroe’s old name was Norma Jean, c’mon Calpernia, we just wanna know.”

Well dumbf**k, when you know Marilyn’s old name, it still doesn’t changer her gender in your mind. She’s still a woman, whether you call her Norma Jean, or Marilyn Monroe.

When you talk to a transwoman about her old name, it’s overlaying a perception of gender onto her -- using that name -- that is very hurtful, and rude.

You know, most all of us in the public eye, eventually have our old names, photographs, and identities, outed by someone from our past. It happens, and I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I can handle it when it does.

All the same though, I just want you know, that when you ask this question, or when you use that old information, I’M HATING YOU, WITH A BURNING, WHITE HOT, DESTRUCTIVE HATRED, THAT’S WARMER THAN THE DEEPEST FIREY PITS OF THE LOWES LEVEL OF HELL.

“Hey, but so and so told me their name. I know the tranny who does my nails at the mall, and she told me right away that her name used to be Bob.”

Well, a lot of transwomen lack validation in their lives. Nobody is ever telling them “Good job!”, or “You look great!”, or much of anything. So they’re left feeling eager to please. They want to say anything, just to get a pat on the back. And this is a very sad situation that a lot of transwomen find themselves in.

So, maybe they told you their old name, just because they wanted your approval. I feel bad for these women in that situation, and I really feel bad that you’re such a low-life scum-bag that you would exploit their need, just to dig a little piece of dirty information out of ‘em.

Ah ah ah, that’s pretty bad of you…
"to refer to someone who is transgendered by their birth name is neither insulting nor disparaging"

Friday, May 2, 2008

Right Wing Watch video list of notable quotables.

Right Wing Watch (A Project of People For the American Way) has put together a video list of sound bites from a recent Coral Ridge Ministries broadcast, whose panelists consisted of:

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council
Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel
Jordan Lorence of the Alliance Defense Fund
Gary DeMar of American Vision

Here’s the video (and ps, check out the bug eye shot at the 16 second mark, especially visible in the YouTube HQ version):

Religious Right Tells Pastors Christianity Being Suppressed

And here’s the transcript:

Host: There is a phenomenon today of sexual politics. Abortion is a symptom of sexual politics, the militant homosexual agenda is a symptom of sexual politics. It has been said that sexual politics is on a collision course with religious liberty. And that whenever sexual politics, or religious liberty, are fighting against each other, it seems like sexual politics always trumps religious liberty.

Mat Staver: There is this attempt to suppress Christian viewpoints, and I think the right of conscience of Christians, is a critical battle that we’re facing.

Jordan Lorence: This is not some, like, side issue, the right-wing agenda side issue, or something like that. But now what is happening is, is we’re getting cases, where if people speak out against, and say this is God’s standard on marriage and sexual morality [Host: Thirty seconds], they’re being silenced, by hate crime legislation, by anti-discrimination law.

Mat Staver: What I hear from some of these individuals is that if you have a religious, but particularly a Christian view, you’re not welcome, it’s a second class citizen, and they want to suppress that. And following up on what Jordan was saying, the agenda that he was talking about in terms of the sexual politics, the homosexual agenda - is not about tolerance, it’s about absolute dominance of that worldview against any other worldview, particularly Christian, that says people have morality, and marriage is between a man and woman. That’s what the clash is, is to dominate that worldview.

Tony Perkins: And the idea that there should be no religious test that would preclude people who have a certain religious denomination affiliation, from serving in government, that has been turned on it’s head [Host: Yes, yes.] to say that if you have a particular faith or denomination, in which you actually believe it, and you apply it to your lives, therefore, if that’s the case, you can’t serve in government. You have to somehow choose between actually believing what you believe, and serving in government. That’s how this is being applied today and it is totally wrong, and we’re losing the Christian foundation of our nation---if you want to see a totalitarian government, you want to see rights that are lost, and freedoms abused, then you lose the Christian heritage of this nation, and you go down the path that the liberals are taking us, and that’s where it’ll be found.

Mat Staver: In every totalitarian regime in world history, one of the first things it always sought to do was to suppress Christianity. That’s what happened in the former Soviet Union.

Gary DeMar: You go back to Nazi Germany, Martin Niemoller, a pastor in Germany, the Gestapo went into his church, stenographers took down what he had to say, and used that against him, and he ended up spending time in a concentration camp.

Tony Perkins: You will see that multiplied immensely if the congress is successful in passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and the Hate Crimes legislation. I mean, it’ll be discrimination on steroids - as they come after churches who refuse to hire homosexuals in their church office, in their schools, in their day-cares, or Christian business. And what it gives the radical homosexuals, those who are pushing this agenda, not all the homosexuals are out there trying to shove this down peoples throats. [Host: That’s why I like to always use the phrase militant homosexuals.] It is that group that will use this will the leverage of the hammer of the state, through the EEOC, to beat up on, beat into submission, businesses and churches, simply because of the intimidation and the cost factor associated with defending themselves.

Jordan Lorence: And to me, one of the most irritating things I find, is that guys like Mat Staver, and Jay Sekulow, and us, really have-are not committed to personal liberty. And that what we do is sort of this means to the end, and then once we take over, we’re going to impose this Taliban type rule and make everybody slap on [Host: The armband.], you know, uh, stars of David, I think that’s what he meant, not armbands, I think they wore stars of David. And I would say, you look at the cases that Liberty Counsel is doing, and the Alliance Defense Fund, and the American Center for Law and Justice, and there is more of a commitment to traditional American civil liberties, than the ACLU and the homosexual activists, who are into coercing unwilling people to do things, and to silence them, and all of that. There is an authoritarianism to that, that they are in total denial about, and they masquerade it, and then say that we’re the fascists, and I just find that very offensive, and totally inaccurate.


Just like the thief who thinks everyone is stealing from them...
Just like the liar who thinks everyone is lying to them...
Jordan Lorence of the Alliance Defense Fund thinks...
the ACLU and the homosexual activists, who are into coercing unwilling people to do things, and to silence them, and all of that. There is an authoritarianism to that, that they are in total denial about

It’s called projection Jordan, look it up.

Mat Staver: In every totalitarian regime in world history, one of the first things it always sought to do was to suppress Christianity.

World history, a scant 2000 years old. Photobucket

And finally (at least as far as I'm running with this), FRC's Tony Perkins:

Tony Perkins: And what it gives the radical homosexuals, those who are pushing this agenda, not all the homosexuals are out there trying to shove this down peoples throats.

Host: That’s why I like to always use the phrase "militant homosexuals."

Once again, let’s get this code-speak straight:

If you are gay, and believe you deserve equal protection under the law, you are automatically a "homosexual activist." Because just by being alive, you "seek" protection.

If you are gay and are actively working toward equal protection for all gays, then you are a "militant homosexual activist."

If you are gay and not "trying to shove this down peoples throats," then you are in the closet.

And once again, no, you B’s and T’s are not included in the discussion (and I‘d bet my house that when they‘re talking about “homosexuals,” they’re only talking about we G’s. So unfortunately, you monogamous L’s don’t count either.).

But there's always tomorrow... ;)