Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mike Ensley: "Homosexuality happens."

Exodus International's Youth Analyst Mike Ensley instructs parents on how to permanently lovingly ruin their relationship with their children.

What To Do When Your Child is Gay
By Mike Ensley

Parents often don’t know how to respond when a family member admits same-sex attraction. Here’s how you can offer Christ’s love and healing.

How can you help to disown and alienate you child in a Christlike and loving way you ask? As Mike Ensley shares with us, it's easy.

Just as the young Christian with SSA usually isolates himself in a closet of shame, so his parents often close themselves off from others for fear of judgment. The church should be an environment that puts wounded individuals and families at ease; instead it is often the opposite.

One of the best ways to harm yourself and your child indeed - Focus intently on this unnecessarily imposed "closet of shame." As Mike Ensley offers, Exodus has over "170 local ministries and counselors offer support," which can help you to do just that.

But make SURE not to tell your son or daughter that Exodus International is a Holocaust Revisionist hate-group, as they will have probably already taken a history class.

Deception is key. Write that down.

After that, it's important to associate same-sex attraction, in and of itself, with sexual promiscuity as much as possible, and as ambiguously as possible by referring to your son or daughter's human-desire for love and companionship as a "lifestyle."

This effectively defines their human-desire for love and companionship as perverted in God's eyes. (and yours!)

Note how Mike Ensley utilizes key phrases like "gay lifestyle" and "such a [dangerous] lifestyle," without ever defining what that means:
Set attainable goals. In the scores of meetings, first phone calls and e-mails I’ve shared with concerned parents, I find that their primary focus is to “fix” their kid—and it’s no wonder, considering all the danger, sin and uncertainty we associate with the gay lifestyle. Naturally a loving mother or father wants to rescue their child from the consequences of such a lifestyle by keeping him or her from becoming entrenched in it.

By painting every gay person who is alive as some nebulous mass of "destructive lifestyles," your son or daughter will temporarily associate themselves with this, but just long enough not to want to be apart of it.

If however, they ever ask what "it" is, immediately take away their computer, cell phone, and all access to media of any kind - including print!

This next one's a biggie:
Discover your part in the problem. [...] There is no one person or act that caused your child’s human brokenness to take the shape of SSA.

There's just no way of getting around this one. Your child is under Satan's thumb itself for wanting to love and be loved like any other human being -- BUT YOU MUST TELL THEM THIS!

If not for you, who?

Remember, Mike Ensley knows best about this. As a completely-cured of homosexuality individual, despite the fact that he still feels homosexual attractions, there's no substitute for imploring your child to believe that a lonely and loveless life is God's will for them.

And most importantly, once they accept this truth for themselves, they can then share with other SSA self-accepting individuals, as to how God truly sees them as well.

As illustrated here:
As Christians, it’s up to us to show gay people how God sees them:

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