Thursday, May 8, 2008

Citizenlink Turn Signal with Kim Trobee (As opposed to Stoplight with Stuart Shepard)

Canceled Symposium Silences Christian View on Homosexuality

Kim Trobee: Alright, for awhile there, it looked like gay activists would finally sit down with pro-family leaders, to discuss homosexuality and therapy.

The American Psychiatric Association had planned an event that featured gay-bishop Gene Robinson, and president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Al Mohler. But when Robinson felt pressure from gay activists, the APA quickly caved, cancelling the event, and any discussion.

In fact, the Washington Times quoted symposium organizer David Scasta, excusing his organization by saying: "It [the symposium] was a way to have a balanced discussion about religion, and how it influences therapy … We wanted to talk rationally, calmly, and respectfully to each other, but the external forces made it into a divisive debate it never intended to be."

Gay activist groups often claim they want to reach out to people of faith, but Randy Thomas with Exodus International says pulling the plug, doesn’t exactly encourage open dialogue.

We talked to him via webcam:

Randy Thomas: And it’s pretty amazing, that if they’re truly wanting to be as diverse as they claim, they would accept people who have a different perspective on faith with regard to this issue.

Kim Trobee: Randy, Exodus is seeing more and more people, questioning their same-sex attractions, and wanting to live out their faith, but are we doing a disservice to them if we say that they can’t get the help that they seek?

Randy Thomas: Absolutely, I think the APA has gone from a psychiatric association, to the American Politically Correct Association. They have abandoned the tenent (sic) of self determination, and for people like myself, who want to live according to their faith tenents (sic), they’re abandoning us. And it’s a sad situation when a professional organization is not willing to look at the truth. And the truth is, for 16 years, I have lived according to my faith, I have not identified as gay, and my sexual orientation has changed.

Kim Trobee: Thomas says the canceled debate underscores just who’s willing to come to the table and offer their best argument, and, who’s not.
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Anonymous said...

This being the same Randy Thomas who announced he was going to be "nill" on discussing current affairs and "homosexual issues."

Anonymous said...

If Drs. Mohler and Throckmorton really wanted to have this debate, and if as they say they are not afraid of open debate, why don't they just host it themselves?

There certainly must be enough room for this panel to speak at the Baptist Theological Seminary, or at the Focus on the Family headquarters, or perhaps at a Love Won Out conference?