Saturday, May 10, 2008

An open answer to a commenter of Truth Wins Out

Tim Horton says...
"I actually am frightened somewhat by folks who use the climate argument, since with this belief they must at some point target core beliefs which arise from religion."

But we’re only talking about those "core beliefs" that foster a climate of violence. Why would you have a problem with this?
"To shut down the sharing of these beliefs, they must destroy these communities. "

Again, we’re only talking about those communities who willingly foster hatred and violence. Again still, why would you have a problem with this?
Do you really think Roman Catholics are going to change their doctrine of sexuality?

It’s not about “changing” any doctrine of sexuality, the issue is about exposing those who hypocritically and unfairly depict the human-sexuality of some people, as innately harmful and/or malicious.
"Abuse of Christian communities is already happening in Canada where Christians are unable to say that homosexual practices are not good for the persons or society."

And do you consider pro-gay Christians to be actual Christians?

How about gay Christians?

If not, why do you feel you are in a position to speak for them?
"We also see this phenomenon happening to a greater extent in the UK. While some would say, “right on” to getting rid of religion, I anticipate a backlash whereby religious folks eventually will really align themselves with fascist groups, in order to freely practice their religion."

As well they should, fascist groups are their home. But you’re not speaking about religious folk per se, you’re speaking about a supremacism that is being claimed as religion, which isn’t fair -- as any criminal can claim their behavior to be religious -- or the practice of their harmful behavior to be their religion.
"The solution is a very liberal respect for freedom of speech, even if it is offensive speech. Answer this supposed wrong speech with your own speech, rather than resorting to spurious “climate” arguments."

Well if climate change is so spurious, Tim, what could possibly be easier for you to refute?

Next time Christians like you say that your “deeply held moral beliefs” are based on the genocide of Leviticus 20:13, just take that extra step to let people know that the advocacy of murder in the name of God has no effect, climate-wise, or what-so-ever.

"Hey, were Christians, we’re here. Get over it. Same for y’all."

NOT THE SAME AT ALL. You speak for supremacists who claim to hold the Golden Rule as the standard.

Atheists who actually practice the Golden Rule are more Christian in nature than Christians who advocate genocide in the name of the Golden Rule.

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