Friday, May 30, 2008

Exodus International on California gay marriage: People will think it's "ok."

(Alan Chambers and Chris Fabry answer each other in conversational silhouette)

Alan Chambers on the Chris Fabry show:

@ the 21:04 mark:

Chris Fabry: At the same time, when you talk to the younger generation, I think they are a little more malleable, and they will say, you know, 'if a person loves another person, what’s the problem with that?' And I keep coming back to, as this issue has come up in the last couple of days - changing the definition of anything is dangerous, and when you change the definition of marriage from one man to one woman, to same-sex couples, what could follow after that? Isn’t that the main public policy problem that we’re facing?

Alan Chambers: It is. I think that one of the most dangerous things that we can do is to redefine something as natural and defined already as marriage. Because the next generation does look at these things and say, 'see, the law has now changed, homosexuality is now proven legally as the equivalent of heterosexuality, therefore it’s ok.' And I think so many people do get their moral guidelines and use the government as their moral compass, and in this regard, it falls way short of God’s standard on this issue.

To distill it further...

Chris Fabry: If a person loves another person, what could follow after that?

Alan Chambers: Homosexuality is now proven legally as the equivalent of heterosexuality, therefore it’s ok.

Thus, according to Exodus, the 'moral' consequences of same-sex marriage is that people will think it's ok.


Kevin said...

I've been wondering now that gay marriage is legal in California if these "ex-gays" are disappointed in their choice to not be gay or if they imagine what their lives could have been if they didn't join the ex-gay movement.

Emproph said...

Sometimes I think the reason they are so rabidly anti-gay is so that they don't have to reflect on that choice.