Monday, May 12, 2008

Randy Thomas lies about own-mission

From Teach the Facts: David Fishback on NewsChannel 8: Transcript

Randy Thomas, Vice President of Exodus International says...
"Well, we never suggested that all gays need to be cured. That’s not one of our talking points. That’s our opponent’s talking point."
Yet Exodus International says...
"EXODUS upholds heterosexuality as God's creative intent for humanity, and subsequently views homosexual expression as outside of God's will. EXODUS cites homosexual tendencies as one of many disorders that beset fallen humanity. Choosing to resolve these tendencies through homosexual behavior, taking on a homosexual identity, and involvement in the homosexual lifestyle is considered destructive, as it distorts God's intent for the individual and is thus sinful."
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UPDATE: 5-21-08, Teach the Facts transcript confirmed by Randy Thomas:

Randy Thomas: "While in DC, at a Pastor’s conference, I did a local debate regarding the APA silencing people holding the “ex-gay” viewpoint from speaking into a symposium they had scheduled and then canceled at the last minute. Someone forwarded the transcript to me. I phoned in to the local CBS affiliate there in town because it was *very* last minute and I couldn’t get there and do all the things I had to do for the conference at the same time. I did not alter the transcript at all but it was sent to me by a third party. After reading it I think it is word for word."

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