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If She can read "My Pet Goat," she's qualified.

I liked this video because it shows the infamous Bush/9-11 classroom scene without break, and also includes sporadic, yet relevant contradictory audio quotes, but without it feeling intrusive.

Bush in classroom on 9/11 with his commentary!

Video Transcript:

George Bush (August 21, 2001): We recognize it’s a dangerous world. I know this nation still has enemies. And we cannot expect them to be idle. And that’s why security, is my first responsibility. And I will not permit any course that leaves America undefended.

Former White House Counterterrorism Chief Richard Clarke Gives sworn testimony to the 9/11 Commission: I was officially frustrated that I asked to be reassigned. And I thought, if the Administration doesn’t believe it’s national coordinator for counterterrorism, when he says there’s an urgent problem, and if it’s unprepared to act as though there’s an urgent problem, then probably I should get another job.

Unknown (but whom I assume to be a congressman): You then write a letter, or a memo, on September the 4th to Dr. Rice, expressing some of these frustrations. You urge policy makers to imagine a day, after hundreds of Americans lay dead at home and abroad after a terrorist attack, and ask themselves, what else they could have done. You write this on September the 4th, seven days before September 11th.

Richard Clarke: That’s right.

At this point, a video caption comes on that says:
"September 11th, 2001

8:46:40 American Airlines flight 11 crashes into the World Trade Center's North Tower."

George Bush: I was sitting outside the classroom, waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower [At this point, a video caption comes on that says "the first plane hitting the World Trade Center was not broadcast until that evening."] -- the tv was obviously on -- I used to fly myself, and I said, “well there’s one terrible pilot. It must have been a horrible accident.”
Interviewer (Tim Russert?): Where were you when you first learned a plane had struck the World Trade Center?

Dick Cheney: Well I was in my office, Tuesday morning, Monday I’d been in Kentucky and the President had been in the White House. Tuesday, our roles are sort of reversed, he was in Florida and I was in the White House, Tuesday morning. And a little before 9, my speech writer came in -- there were some speeches coming up -- and my secretary called in, just before we were starting the meeting, just before 9 O’clock, and said an airplane had hit the World Trade Center -- that was the first one that had went in. So we turned on the television, and watched for a few minutes, and then actually saw the second plane hit, the World Trade Center. And as soon as that second plane showed up, that’s what triggered the thought; Terrorism.

Interviewer: You sensed immediately, this is deliberate?

Dick Cheney: I’d given word to Andy Card’s staff, who’s right next door, to get hold of Andy, and/or the President, and I wanted to talk to him, as soon as I could (hook?) it up.
George Bush: But you’re not going to believe what state I was in when I heard about the terrorist attack. I was in Florida. And, my chief of staff, Andy Card -- actually I was in a classroom, talking about a reading program, that works! -- I was sitting outside the classroom, waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the tv was obviously on -- I used to fly myself, and I said, “well there’s one terrible pilot. It must have been a horrible accident.” But I was whisked off there and didn’t have much time to think about it. And Andy Card, my Chief of Staff, who’s sitting over here, walked in and said “A second plane has hit the tower, America is under attack.”

I was thinking about what it meant for America to be under attack, it was an amazing thought.
Unknown (Dick Cheney?): I think the, um, why somebody would do what he does.
George Bush: I had realized, there on the ground in Florida, we were under attack.
Dick Cheney: You don’t know what’s happening. We don’t by know who, we don’t know how many additional planes are coming. We don’t know, well, his plans for us at that point, but we’d be absolute fools to not go into button down mode and leave us leaderless in a moment of crisis.
Rudy Giuliani: And we believed that we would be attacked many more times that day.
George Bush: I need to know what the facts were, but I knew I needed to act. I knew that, If the Nation’s under attack, that the role of the commander in chief, is to respond forcefully, to prevent other attacks from happening.
George Bush: Immediately following the first attack, I implemented our government’s emergency response plans. Our military is powerful, and it’s prepared.
George Bush: I gave our military the orders necessary to protect Americans - do whatever it would take to protect Americans.
Dick Cheney: When something like this happens, we’ve got certain propagations and you’ve got to carry out. And those did for the President, they did for me.
George Bush: They have roused a mighty giant.
Dick Cheney: He made some key decisions that were very important to the operation.

Interviewer: What’s the most important decision you think he made?

Dick Cheney: I suppose the toughest decision was whether or not we would intercept commercial aircraft. Doesn’t do any good to put up combat air patrol if you don’t give them instructions, to act, if in fact, they feel it’s appropriate.
George Bush: The President of the United States’ most solemn responsibility, is to keep this country secure.
George Bush: Where there is suffering, there is duty, the president himself must be responsible.
George Bush: Anyway, it was an interesting day.

(But just in case, here's the boring one without the "spin")

Bush's Seven Minutes of Silence


By now, we pretty much all know which one is John McCain, and which one is Sarah Palin, and what their relationship to each other is.

Now, she's had five kids. So I'm assuming she's had plenty of experience with reading chidren's books.

So I just wanted to say, if McCain were to suddenly kick the bucket, Clearly, her ability to read children's books amply qualifies her to run the country upon learning that all of our lives are in imminent danger.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank God everything's fine now, eh?

Inspiration for this post and lyrics courtesy Zoe Brain.

Tom Lehrer - National Brotherhood Week

Oh, the white folks hate the black folks,
And the black folks hate the white folks.
To hate all but the right folks
Is an old established rule.

But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week,
See Cassius Clay and Mrs. Wallace dancing cheek to cheek.
It's fun to eulogize
The people you despise,
As long as you don't let 'em in your school.

Oh, the poor folks hate the rich folks,
And the rich folks hate the poor folks.
All of my folks hate all of your folks,
It's American as apple pie.

But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week,
New Yorkers love the Puerto Ricans 'cause it's very chic.
Step up and shake the hand
Of someone you can't stand.
You can tolerate him if you try.

Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics,
And the Catholics hate the Protestants,
And the Hindus hate the Muslims,
And everybody hates the Jews.

But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week,
It's National Everyone-smile-at-one-another-hood Week.
Be nice to people who
Are inferior to you.
It's only for a week, so have no fear.
Be grateful that it doesn't last all year!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not that I feel that my vote necessarily counts, but I still like to go through the motions.

(This is older (you'll see what I mean) , but still some funny things to take mention of.)

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Well, with Biden as a VP, we certainly wouldn't want an Obama assasination, Biden knows much too much about fixing world problems. Which leaves us with only one other political option -- an even worse staged terrorist attack than 9/11 --forever immobilizing the Constitution, and guaranteeing a Bush/Cheney Third Term.

Clearly, it's the only solution.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Seeing Rainbows = Watching Gay Porn

This has been a somewhat ongoing story, but there are a few aspects of the judge's opinion (PDF) that I would wish to reiterate:

For background on the original, go here. (or Google, there's plenty on the story..)

The latest uproar seems to be something along these lines:
The American Civil Liberties Union successfully sued the district on behalf of a girl who protested against the principal, David Davis, and a federal judge reprimanded Davis for conducting a "witch hunt" against gays. Davis was demoted, and school employees must now go through sensitivity training.

And despite all that, many in this conservative Panhandle community still wonder what, exactly, Davis did wrong.

"We are a small, rural district in the Bible Belt with strong Christian beliefs and feel like homosexuality is wrong," said Steve Griffin, Holmes County's superintendent of schools, who keeps a Bible on his desk and framed Scriptures on his office walls.

Holmes County, on the Georgia line, has about 20,000 residents. There is some agriculture, but most people are employed either by prisons or schools; some commute to the Gulf Coast to work in tourism. Ponce de Leon has fewer than 500 residents.
So basically, some of the residents don’t see how or why gay-bashing gay students, and their supporters, could possibly be wrong bad and evil.

At this point, I think it's important to repeat a portion of the judge's opinion on an aspect of Davis' testimony (the principal in question): From Page 31 of the judges opinion (PDF):

Davis testified that merely wearing a t-shirt expressing support for homosexuals or displaying a rainbow-colored sticker amounts to “imposing” a certain view on others who find that view offensive. Davis stated that such speech should not be imposed on children “[j]ust as I would not want religious ideas being imposed upon children who don’t want to hear them.” (Tr., Doc. 76:109, lines 6-8.) However, Davis fails to realize the hypocrisy in his own behavior. It was not the students who imposed their views about homosexuality on Davis or other students;rather, it was Davis who silenced and suspended students for expressing their views.

David Davis: Although the School Board conceded in its answers to interrogatories and at trial that the messages and symbols at issue are not vulgar, lewd, obscene, plainly offensive, or sexually suggestive,

Davis attempted to justify the ban on speech, in part, by contending that rainbow stickers […] are sexually suggestive and immediately conjure images in children’s minds of people engaging in sexual acts.

Warning: “sexually suggestive” colors below:


Just out of curiosity Mr. David Davis, and given that you’ve already provided the circumstantial context, would you say that a rainbow in the sky was God’s way to conjure up (within children) images of sex between adults, or images of sex between adults and children?

Thou Shalt Not Kill ?

Matthew 5:21 "You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, Do not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment."

Yet, apparently...

Killing Pleases God :


Matthew 5:19: "Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mike Ensley: Q & A Friday:

Q: How do I respond to my son who says that I don't accept him because I don't condone his homosexual behavior?
A. Believe it or not, there are parents who have restored relationship with their still-gay-identified adult children that goes beyond civility; they genuinely love and enjoy each other again. Granted, it wasn't an easy road getting there, but they got there.

And, there are kids who eventually walk out of it (yours truly, for instance).

"Yours truly," I don't think that's fair.

You state yourself that you continue to experience same-sex attraction: From the hideously anti-gay site Truth and Tolerance, you say:

As a single guy who continues to experience h same-sex attractions
And from your own Exodus Youth Truth and Tolerance DVD, you say:

"Do I still feel, homosexual attractions? Um, yeah.

Advancing a life of permanent loveless celibacy is one thing, but don't you really think it would be fair to ask your readers to go back and reread the article knowing what they know now? (about YOU)

Monday, August 18, 2008

More “Christians” who Endorse and Promote Mass Murder


Leviticus 20:13 'If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

“AIDS Amnesia” in America? No, Actions Have Consequences, Part I

Leviticus 20:13 (all Scripture quotations taken from the NKJV, emphases added) is a familiar passage often quoted regarding the sinfulness of homosexual sex practices. Here, God instructs Moses and the nation of Israel: “‘If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination [detestable thing]. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.‘”

~Dr. Walter Jones /

Is Your Christian Life a Joke?

Under the Mosaic Law, the sin of homosexuality was punishable by death. In Leviticus 20:13, God says: “If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.”

God did not change His moral standards concerning this sin when we come to the New Testament.

~David R. Reid
The Arrival of the Two Angels to Sodom to Announce the Coming Judgment to Lot and to Rescue Lot and His Family Out of Sodom Genesis 19:1-14

4. No. This record shows God’s disapproval of homosexuality. See also Jude 7, Leviticus 20:13 and
Romans 1:26-27.

~Growing Christian Ministries
The Payoff 2

So my boss and I got into a small discussion. Basically, it came down to homosexuality being a "gray area" in Christianity. I definitely don't feel that way at all. I feel that homosexuality is wrong, plain and simple. Leviticus 20:13 says so.

~Phillip McSween
A Rebellious Mindset

We could certainly point to Leviticus 18:22 or 20:13 or Romans 1:26 & 27 as well as many other passages that are, by no means, silent on homosexual relations. However, this excerpt is meant to show how postmodernism sets out to deconstruct the authority of God and His word in order to promote all sorts of lascivious behavior.

~Chris McCurley - Excerpt from the book Adrift: Postmodernism in the Church by Phil Sanders
Stop Making Biblical Judgements?

But if this detailed and irrefutable story isn’t enough, there are the stated prohibitions in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.

Leviticus 18:22 “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”

Leviticus 20:13 “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act.” [conveniently emitting the 'we should be murdered' part]

~From Gary DeMar's article via Christinewjc


Just a question, y'all, how exactlly is it that you feel we gays "must be put to death?" Firing squad, Electrocution, stoning, stabbed to death?

What do you think Jesus would suggest?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anthony Falzarano Book: And Such Were Some Of You!

The subtitle of this book is: One Man’s Walk Out Of The Gay Lifestyle.

Which is my first complaint. It should have been called: "One gay man’s walk out of sexual addiction," or something like that.

Oh, and apparently, he's also not gay. It appears that ever since the back of his book jacket cover was printed, that:

However, believes that the homosexual struggler has the power from God to reject this false-identity and choose not to be gay.

He emphasizes that patience and compassion be extended to the struggler, but grieves over the politically motivated gay lobbyists that are affirming millions of young people into the lifestyle through lies.
Along those lines, he continually uses the term “lifestyle” and “gay lifestyle,” throughout the book, in an effort to conflate his lifestyle of sexual addiction, with same-sex attraction itself (or persons who are same-sex attracted).

He does at times refer to this “lifestyle” as being part of the “gay subculture,” but does little if anything to make any distinction beyond that. For example, a committed relationship vs. a/his 400 partner sex life, from the way I read the story, both would both be considered to be "gay lifestyle" equal - given the title of the book alone.

One good thing was that it wasn’t ridden with anti-gay bogus studies and statistics. And that said, much of it was very focused on the autobiographical parts of his life, up to and including the “ex-gay” portions of his life.

One of the best things I was surprised to read was this:

…many homosexuals that have been victim’s of sexual abuse as a child wouldn’t think of touching a child in an unholy manner. They know the grief that their personal molestation cause them and would not engage in such an action.
That, despite the fact that there are points in the book in which he uses molestation as one of the causes of homosexuality. So my gratitude is tempered with regret.
From the story he told, it sounded like he grew up a normal gay kid. But as many (especially professional) ex-gays, contend that SSA is developmental, and thus, there must be REASONS, for that same-sex development.

And as Anthony’s story would go, as the youngest of seven boys (fraternal twin), emotionally distant father, and describes his relationship with his mother (who wore the “pants” in the house) as "unhealthily attached to her."
5th grade rolls around, and he "began to be emotionally attached to a male 5th grade teacher at school" who was also the gym teacher. Despite efforts to help Anthony improve athletically, it was to no avail.

He was continually humiliated because he was "chosen as the last person on the baseball team." (I'm sure no one here can relate...)

6th grade followed, and he wanted to dress as a girl for Halloween. His mother and friends were very supportive, but he looks back upon it with disdain as though they shouldn’t have been encouraging his "gender confusion."
"junior high school was my low self esteem was obvious. […] My father didn’t know how to handle me and pushed my back on my mother."
He then mentions one of several communiqu├ęs from God, which are brief and relatively unexplained, and in my opinion, simply entertaining anecdotes to the story - at least in book review form : )

And guess what’s next…PUBERTY! Now he’s “aware” that he’s attracted to the same-gender.

Mortified by this realization, he joined the soccer team, but they rejected him when they "noticed how insecure he was." Became manager of the basketball team…AND THEN got molested by a stranger and later, seduced by a teacher!

(I feel sickened by his experience growing up, and I want to say something eloquent to justify or help it, but I really have nothing.)

He then says he "began to drawn to others who had either physically or psychologically absent fathers."

I don't mean to infer that I know his story, but I can see that making sense, as one would naturally be drawn to those who have the most in common with them.

At about 9 years old, he received "the calling," as per God: "I vividly remember an inner voice telling me that I would serve God someday."

A common theme runs through the book of the notion that envy is at the root of homosexuality.

(The reasoning being (I think) is that the homosexual, being deficient in masculinity, is thus “envious” and then pursues men/masculinity, to help fill this deficit. (vice versa for you lesbians :))

But he goes further: "A homosexual male does not necessarily feel like a female… he feels neutered."

He then goes into his [Anthony Falzarano’s] sexual escapades and opulent “kept” lifestyle. (just incase you needed a refresher course.)

Now, he says this many times in the book. “Most homosexuals are envy addicts.” And then gives this example:

Leanne Payne offers this example in her books Crisis in Masculinity and The Broken Image> of “the cannibal instinct.” A cannibal does not eat you necessarily because he is hungry. He eats you because he would like to have your spiritual attributes. She mentions that if a cannibal is chasing you, just act crazy and he won’t touch you because he thinks that if he eats you that he will become crazy also. Envy is one of the root causes of homosexuality that must be addressed in therapy.
I think what he’s talking about is a misinterpretation of attraction itself. A heterosexual woman is “missing” that masculine portion of her, and thus “envies” what she does not have - true masculinity. Thus, men and women ‘fall in love,’ or bond with each other and are able to then share those aspects of masculinity and femininity with each other -- or so the story goes.

I’ve got my own theories on the whole thing, but It think it best to save those for a later date. My point being that this is how I think they are reinterpreting the word “envy.”

They just don’t know how to put us, so they come up with seemingly plausible theories and then use words like “envy” in the context of what gender we’re ‘lacking.’

So they invalidate the human-sexuality/love portion of our humanity, by calling it "envy," so they can depict it as something that is LACKING in us.

I applaud the theory, but why it's somehow worthy of eternal torture (hell), I'll never know.
Moving along.

Apparently he was good looking and fit right into the popular gay scene, felt wonderful about it, drops lots of names and places, had lots of sex - says that "I had become sexually hooked." And also mentions two long term relationships. The break ups of which he blamed on the "gay life." You know, "THE" gay life..

At one point he did ask God: "but surely You couldn’t be upset if I maintained a monogamous relationship with another man?"

Long story short, I think this next paragraph makes an appropriate segue:

I observed the heavy drinking, drug use, public sex on the beach and the Mafia connections to the bars. Then came the enormous numbers of older gay men who were so lonely, They didn’t they have lovers.

Well, as fate would have it, he ended up going to Christmas Eve church with his friend Diane. Individually, they each heard a voice saying they were going to marry each other.

(Before we go on, apparently it happened, they’re still together, and they have kids. And for the record, as per the honeymoon:
I knew I wasn’t a raging heterosexual yet, however, this new experience was not as traumatic as I anticipated. While there were no great fireworks that first time, this new sexual relationship with my wife was pleasurable.
I feel lead to say "congratulations," but this story’s about to get worse, and I don’t want to sound insincere.

…then the marriage…then the honeymoon…hold on it’s coming (flipping through pages)…here it is:
Our sexual relationship began to improve. It was the equivalent of passing through a very late puberty. My newly awakening attraction to the opposite sex was very exciting.
HOORAY! He’s completely... ... ...not 100% attracted to men anymore!?

Then we get a litany of “How long the healing process will take, *sigh*:

Extent of absent father, overbearing mother, examples of sexual abuse, bad at sports, low self esteem, and it goes on and on, an not to make light of any of it, but I find it absurd to attribute these things to same-gender attraction - which unfortunately Mr. Falzarano does, every time he refers to his own experience, as an aspect of “THE” gay-life,” and his own promiscuity, as “THE” gay-lifestyle.

But that’s not all:

When considering the above-mentioned variables, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s the child’s perception that’s crucial to his or her psychosexual development.
Got that? The length of time the "healing process" will take, depends NOT on whether any of these events did or did not take place, but whether, and to what extent the child 'PERCEIVED' them to have taken place.

How’s THAT for covering all your bases?

Another anecdote was when he mentioned that he knew he was "healed" was when he realized he was no longer "turned on" by guys. "The physical arousal had greatly dissipated!" Then turns right around in the next paragraph to share his frustration of "still finding men attractive to look at."
Another thing he talks about was his addiction to masturbation. "In the midst of my 20 year addiction, I would fall into it’s grips two or three times per day" and continues that "The Lord convicted me that as long as I persisted with this behavior, I would continue to reinforce my false homosexual identity."

Now I’m not an ‘ologist’ of any kind, but it would seem to me that wanking off to gay fantasies isn’t getting over them, it’s just expressing them, albeit in a more subdued way. But he says later that he got over that “addiction” too.

He eventually started a Parents & Friends Ministries 10 Step Program. Then goes on to describe some “success” and “failure” stories.

One of the stories included the four characteristics that had to be in place if someone is going to make it out:
1) Being a Christian.
2) Having a conviction that the “gay lifestyle” is against God’s desire for one’s life.
3) Desire to change.
4) Willingness to do what it takes.

Translation: If you’re an atheist or of another religion, and want out of the "homosexual lifestyle," screw you! (in Jesus' name of course)
Then he goes on the talk show circuit where "we were able to present a Christ-centered warning to America about the political gay agenda’s plans for propagandizing our children."

And my favorite, from when he describes the 700 Club, he says he was disappointed that he wasn’t being interviewed by Robertson himself, but as he says:

“Pat sat off camera and listened attentively to the entire interview. What was really funny was when was when Terry asked the question, “ is it true that you were very promiscuous when you were a homosexual?” And when I answered, “Yes, I had over 400 sex partners.” Pat Robertson gasped loudly. So loudly in fact, that it is audible on the video taped copy of the interview. At the end of the interview as we went to a commercial, Mr. Robertson walked up to shook my hand, and said, “you have changed my entire understanding of homosexuals. Thank you.
Well, I guess if you look at it like that; If I’m a gay virgin, and someone like Anthony has had sex with 400 people, so if you split the difference, then we’ve both had sex with 200 people, so then, if this were a Paul Cameron study, it would be fair then to say that all gay people have sex with, “on average,” 200 people.
Moving along, he again makes the claim that "One of the roots of homosexuality is envy." and “When one recovers from the homosexual condition, one is, in essence, being 're-parented.'"

Ok, I've explained that, I just wanted to mention that it was mentioned again.
And here’s how he got over his “addiction” to masturbation. Apparently, all it takes is a dictionary. First you recognize the word “fornication” in the Bible, which Webster’s dictionary describes as the incontinence of unmarried persons, and then you look up the word ‘incontinence’ to find that it means “not restraining the passions or appetites,” and voila, masturbation is now sinful fornication.

Again, he says: “the sexual attraction toward my wife began to increase and my envy of men began to wane.”
Chapter 16: If You Have A Loved One Who Is Gay: Help For Families

He describes as “We are the al-anon of the ex-gay movement.”
To be fair, I do want to mention one quote which I found laudable:

I believe that when we all come before the Lord in judgment someday that He will be more merciful to many in the gay community who have given of themselves to the many different AIDS causes than towards some of these Christian “celebrities” or church officials who point a finger at the gay movement but did little or nothing to relieve the pain of the AIDS victim or the homosexual struggler. Jesus said, “When you do this to the least of my brother’s you did this to me”
Ok, I don’t appreciate the “homosexual struggler” part, but I do appreciate the sentiment.
And now for what I feel are some of the worst parts, he mentions:

"Please be aware that there are over 12 “self-help” books on the market that teach your children or other loved ones “how to break the news” to the family that have been carefully orchestrated by gay activists. I suggest that you purchase one of these books so that you will know when they are using manipulation and other similar tactics that are mentioned in these books."

-You know, as I think about it, that almost doesn't sound like a bad idea. Because I imagine that there's not really going to be any "secrets," or advice on how to "manipulate" in those books, but more information on how to communicate the most effectively given whatever the situation may be.
He describes that the books are meant to make the parents or loved one feel guilty and ends with the astonishing claim that "Many homosexuals are typically manipulative, spoiled and used to having their own way." And then goes on to suggest that if ANY “evidence” of homosexuality is found in the child’s room, it is perfectly acceptable to then ransack and rifle through everything they own, in the attempt to find more “evidence.”

As though same-sex attraction, in and of itself, makes you want to go out and hurt people.
As far as I’m concerned, this next part is the WORST thing that was said in the entire book.
A parent of a homosexual will often say to me, “if I don’t allow him to bring his boyfriend home, he told that would not come home for Christmas either” After she utters this statement, I have to painfully inform her that she had already lost her child years ago when he entered the lifestyle. Parents must realize that the child they knew in their early years is now capable of lying, manipulating and deceiving in a way that they never thought would have been possible.
-Another thing he says is that at his brothers wedding he thought “I wanted what my brother had and wanted to be married with children.”

Peterson Toscano said that was what was the exact reason that drew him to ex-gay ministries, but he got out.

Alan Chambers of Exodus International said the same thing as well, but he now makes a living out of making the lives of GLBT persons miserable.

Moving on...
Many people in the Church have been fed the propaganda of the very well funded gay political lobbyist. They have over $150 million dollars a year to spend on lobbying America into believing that homosexuals are born “that way”, and they have been quite successful.
He then reiterates Corinthians 6:9-11, to come to the conclusion that “If God tells us that practicing homosexuals will never enter the kingdom of God, then don’t you think that it would be very cruel if God brought us into the world condemned to hell already?”

Too many things wrong with that argument to address at this point, but I will say, "slanderers" are also mentioned as one of those who will not "inherit the Kingdom of God." So as of yet, Mr. Falzarano, you and the rest of what you consider to be we -- unrepentant homosexuals -- are perfectly in the same boat.

Always believe the Word of God over what you read in the newspapers. If what you read in the newspaper is in conflict with Holy Scripture, don’t believe it!
I’d rebut the ridiculousness of that statement, but that would require another essay… I will mention however, that I do not believe that the Earth has "four corners."

Most homosexuals in their early childhood usually did not bond with their same-sex parent.
Which is of course why single parent households churn out a disproportionately increased rate of homosexuals...
And apparently...
The ex-gay movement should have been more of a part of the current event debates over such topics as whether gays should be allowed to serve as leaders in the Boy Scouts, gay marriage, AIDS legislation and prevention . It should also be involved with the debate over whether gays should be allowed to have special rights in the workplace, I.e., the Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA), gay adoption, sexual abuse and pedophilia legislation.
Now where's an organization like Exodus when you need one?
And apparently also, there’s someone from the Human Rights Campaign Fund (HRCF) who’s going out and finding people who "abandoned their healing process and have returned to the lifestyle." And then “parades” them around in front of the “gay political community.”

Yeah, you! You person from the HRC, you! Who are you? And where can I send you money?


Revelation 3:15-16
Neither cold nor hot

(I’d love to go further on that one too, but again, another essay)

The feminist women’s colleges in America are now training grounds for the gay movement. Their mottos are, “You’re not a woman until you’ve slept with one.” [no footnote given]...The gay activists have formed a new group called the Gay Lesbian Straight Teachers Education Network (GLSTEN) whose mission is the homoseuxualization of our children. They know that most Americans over 45 are too smart to accept the tenets of this horrible agenda; so, they are going after our youth, not necessarily to make them gay but to neutralize them into accepting the gay agenda. The gays don’t have to get you completely into their camp, they have only to confuse you and/or neutralize you, and they’ve won.
Oh, and then don’t forget, "Sexual promiscuity played a major role in the demise of both the Ancient Greek and Roman Empires."

In other words, free societies are the easiest to take advantage of by the worst elements in them - but blame it on the gays.

He asks one other thing of interest: "Will you continue to defend the spiritual orphans in our midst?"

Good question Anthony. How do we reach people like you?
P.S. I made a few edits today 8-28-08

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Exodus: 2008 North-Central Regional Conference

The North Central Regional Conference will be held October 24-26, 2008 at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, WI.
The North Central Regional Conference theme this year is "Embracing the Process." Healing doesn’t mean we will never be tempted.
And check out one of their endorsements:
I thank God for Exodus International and their desire to come alongside those who are affected by homosexuality, sharing the love of Jesus with them and linking arms with all denominations to help strengthen and equip us to minister to the homosexual.

- Ken “Hutch” Hutcherson, Pastor of Antioch Bible Church, Seattle, Wa.
The same Ken Hutcherson who said:
“God hates soft men” and “God hates effeminate men.” Hutcherson went on to say, “If I was in a drugstore and some guy opened the door for me, I’d rip his arm off and beat him with the wet end.”
This is the same Ken Hutcherson who is associated with the Holocaust revisionist group Watchmen On the Walls.:

And by "Holocaust revisionsist," I mean GAYS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HOLOCAUST, Holocaust revisionism. It's actually not even a secret, Exodus openly admits it:

Homosexuality and the Nazi Party

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jesus was pretty clear that divorce and remarriage was tantamount to adultery

From: Queers in the pulpit - oh my!

The larger body of Presbyterian USA is trying to remove language from the Book of Order that currently prevents active homosexuals from becoming ordained. I am all for the removal of the language and here's why: homosexuality is not a moral issue. Evidence supports that sexuality is influenced more by biology than anything else. Biology trumps the Bible, in my opinion. The people who wrote the Christian Bible had no idea of genetics. They didn't even know the earth was round. And if people today still insist on dragging up scripture to support their hate inspired-views, then nobody who is divorced should be ordained, either. Jesus was pretty clear that divorce and remarriage was tantamount to adultery - and the penalty for adultery then was death by stoning. If everyone took THAT seriously then half the Presbyterian church would be stoning the other half to death at any given moment and place.
(You can read the rest of it here, as well as from the link above.)

So, shall we let the stoning begin, or shall we continue this "debate?"

Remember, the Bible even commands it: Leviticus 20:10: "If a man commits adultery with another man's wife—with the wife of his neighbor—both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death."

New Moive: "Kill Killers says Prince of Peace." (not yet rated)

Then, at the Bad Karma Booth:

Me and Eric's new creation, which should get some interesting reactions, stars Jesus Christ on a mission to kick ass.

THE SON OF GOD IS BACK.... but this time’s different

Wars. Hunger. Genocide. For Jesus Christ, this is the view of Earth from Heaven.

But when the savior of mankind decides to go back in time and repair Earth, starting with the Holocaust, things end up easier said than done.
Tell me that's not funny. At least in an ironic way?

Republicans, sacrificing our safety, one campaign at a time.

Inspired by:
Death Before Tolerance or Equality
From Austin's Atheist Blog
Thursday August 14, 2008
Even if it's true that "everyone is a little bit racist," or that everyone is at least a little bigoted, there are still degrees of bigotry. One way of separating out the more bigoted from the less bigoted is to see which they would choose: maintaining their bigotry or some other value, like their life. A person who would refuse a blood transfusion from a black person is far more racist than someone who doesn't care. A person who would rather see their company fail than employ highly qualified Jews is far more anti-Semitic than someone who doesn't care.

We arguably face a far more serious choice when it comes to anti-gay bigotry: is it more important that we maintain anti-gay bigotry in the military by kicking gays out, or is it more important that we prevent future terrorist attacks by using Arabic language specialists who happen to be gay? As far as the government and many conservative Christians are concerned, maintaining anti-gay bigotry is far more important and that's why gay language specialists are kicked out of the military. It doesn't matter that there is such a shortage of such specialists that the military is offering bonuses of up to $150,000 for them.
You can read the rest of it here, and at the link provided at the top.

But I think Jon Stewart sums it up best, or at least most humorously. For the full context, it starts at the 3:50 mark, but the money quote (listed below) comes at about the 4:50 mark:

Jon Stewart: “Yes, apparently the only thing worse for these candidates than another terrorist attack, would be a gay hero stopping it.”

Thursday, August 14, 2008

GLEN P. HENDRICK: "he should look up Leviticus 20:13"

This letter to the editor is a rebuttal to the letter to the editor on July 18 headlined "No damage from exchange of vows."

The response letter ends with:
We can't exclude social decay because two men marrying is absolute social decay. Excluding feelings would exclude my shudder of repulsion to a he/he marriage. And, as for excluding the Bible, he should look up Leviticus 20:13.

Well Glen, of Yuma, I’ve looked up Leviticus 20:13, and it says thus:
13 " 'If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.
Do you normally advocate mass murder - or just when you feel your religion dictates it?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Research Shows Bible Potentially 100% Wrong 100% of the time.

The Real Title, as per August 11, 2008 by gcmwatch (AKA D.L. Foster) :

Research shows homosexuality 100% wrong, 100% of the time

( Ya'll , I can't help it, and l apologize, but I still think tha title's pretty funny.)

He goes on...

Thanks to Scripture Refiners Fire, GCM Watch was made aware of an incredible body of biblical research on homosexuality by David Root, Jr. of

Its amazing what an honest study of the scriptures will produce when you allow them to speak and the Holy Spirit to illuminate the logos. David has done an outstanding job writing this and more than ever it is clear that there is no justification whatsoever found in any of the 66 books of the Bible for homosexual conduct. Not even for those who self identify as so-called ”gay and celibate”.

Okey Dokey DL. But the problem is, who are you, and more importantly, WHY are you so adamant about the "BIBLE" being against same-sex attraction.

If God were to approve, would you then approve of homosexuality?

Would you go also then go out out and lie cheat steal and murder if if the Bible told you to do so - or because you no longer believed in the Bible?

Are you asking these questions of us, or of yourself?

And what happens to you when God blesses us our relationships?

Do you truly fear that you would struck with the urge to rape rob steal and murder?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Exodus International's August 2008 Presidential Letter

A portion of it:
Please join with ministries like Exodus and Unshackled and the numerous others who are mobilizing the Church to accept its call as the hope of the world. The Church is Christ’s answer for a lost and dying world. We are His arms, His feet, His mouth. We must have His heart.

Alan Chambers
Jesus’ “mouth,” via Exodus International (from their FAQ section), and thus, "Jesus’ heart," as expressed through President of Exodus International (as per pixled above), Alan Chambers =

Being gay is a choice. Try to change gay people. AIDS is God’s judgment against homosexuals. Gays cannot be Christian and gay. Gays are pedophiles, GLBT people are responsible for the Holocaust.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Leviticus 20:13 "They MUST be put to death"

(Edit: presents a running tally of current hate crimes. In the left column of the site, you will find a list entitled "recent posts," with a brief synopsis of recent hate crimes - click on one, and the entire article appears in the middle part of the screen to be read in its entirety. It find it very practical.

I also should have clarified that this video is not directly related to hate crimes, but the music is somewhat somber, of good quality, and evokes what I feel to be an appropriate sentiment to anyone, and their families, that have been affected by anti-gay hate violence (or hate-violence of any kind for that matter). Which is why I include it. (hat tip to Ozgeorge @ Soulforce))

Same sex attraction causes natural disasters?

Many anti-gay “Christians” continue to claim that recent earthquakes, fires, and floods are the direct result of the legalization of homosexual marriage in California (not to mention why an all-knowing and all-perfect God would seem to have such bad aim, poor timing, and, why in the world would "He" (because God is a man, with a penis) would choose to confuse us even further by solely communicating with us via natural disasters - knowing full well how fearful-of-death we all are?).

Just a question...

But I'm not saying there is no God, I'm just saying that that doesn't sound like a very loving one.

Oh, and too, wouldn’t that also mean that rainbows in the sky mean that God approves of gay relationships?

According to their logic, kiss a guy, see a rainbow, God approves.

Unless you're a lesbian...

Nope, apparently that works too.

Hello back.

Vice President of Exodus International, Randy Thomas, says "hey.":

Saying Hey from Randy Thomas on Vimeo.

Exodus Rhetoric:

If a murderer murders a homosexual, is it still a crime?

Iris Robinson
"Let’s look at it. Can you think of anything more vile than man and man or woman and woman and sexually abusing children? What I say I base on biblical pronouncements, based on God’s word. I am amazed that people are surprised when I quote from scriptures. It shows the churches either aren’t preaching God’s word or are watering it down. … I cannot think of anything more sickening than a child being abused. It is comparable to the act of homosexuality. I think they are all comparable. I feel totally repulsed by both".
“There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children.”

[But she loves us...]

“But at the same time I was very careful in saying that I have nothing against any homosexual. I love them, that is what the Lord tells me, to love the sinner and not the sin.

"Just as a murderer can be redeemed by the blood of Christ, so can a homosexual."
So Iris, if a murderer murders a homosexual, is it still a sin?

Michael [Causer] was beaten up on Friday 25th July 08 in what Police describe as a homophobic attack in Huyton, Liverpool. He had sustained serious head injuries. Sadly on August 2nd 08 Michael passed away at 12.30pm, please join and show your support for his family & friends.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Exodus: "How to reach and respond to the homosexuals in your community"

Re Exodus:
Read "Church: A Safe Place for Us All?" in Ministry Today magazine--written by Exodus Church Network Director, Jeff Buchanan
The article is entitled: "How to reach and respond to homosexuals in your community"

Translation: “How to reach and respond to the monsters in your community”

He [Jeff Buchanan] ends the article with the fond memory of having been "loved and encouraged for who I was without the stigma of my struggle; they related to me rather than my issue."

But what he’s really saying is that he was loved and encouraged without the stigma OF his stigma. And as such, Mr. Buchanan’s advice on “How to reach and respond to homosexuals in your community,” serves to add to the very stigma that he purports to wish to eliminate.

He says:
Compassionate truth. Many of those wrestling with homosexual feelings have had negative experiences in the church and may be mistrusting of leaders. [...] They need to know that the church is a safe place where they can be open about their struggles without fear of ridicule or shame. This doesn't mean we shy away from teaching what Scripture says about homosexual behavior.
No doubt the teaching of "non-shaming" Scripture such as:

You are an abomination. Leviticus 18:22
You should be murdered. Leviticus 20:13
You’re exactly the same as greedy slandering swindling thieves: 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10

You have [chosen to have] been given over to shameful lusts, such as Romans 1:26-27 explicates:

26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. 27In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.
Proving once and for all, that same-gender attraction is a conscious and wilfull choice, which -- at least according to the anti-gay industry -- and by meaningless coincidence -- just happens to jive perfectly with the next portion of that Biblical verse: Romans 1:28-32 :
28 Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done. 29They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless. 32Although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

Got that? Two guys, or two girls, who fall in love (possibley even commit themsleves to each other, FOR LIFE), are, at least according to "God," EXACTLY THE SAME AS the description above.

"Compassionate truth" ?

The insult would have been more compassionate.

(And don't get me wrong Buchanan. I GET the audience that you're speaking to, and I support your speaking to and with them. My complaint is with the inherent inaccuracy of your message that is IMPLIED. Namely, that somehow you have something more to offer than the promise of a lifetime of loveless celibacy "for the sake of the cross/cause."

A laudable aspiration to be sure, but not one to mince words with.)

He goes on:

Discipleship. Many same-sex strugglers come in with spiritual and emotional immaturity. They may have never been taught how to cultivate a relationship with Christ or even where to begin. Most will have little understanding of their identity in Christ and will have a wrong perception of the Father's heart (often it will resemble their perception of their relationships with their own fathers).
And who better to speak to the 'absence of father' issue that than one Mr. Exodus approved of, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi:

So, not enough male bonding with one’s father leads to a masculinity deficit, which at some point, somehow, somewhere along the line, becomes “sexualized,” thus making one a “homosexual.” But only sometimes. We don’t know how or why or when or..., but rest assured, according to Exodus approved Dr. Nicolosi, SSA is always about masculine deficiency.

(P.S. Yee lesbians don’t count, not only are you women (and therefore technically don’t even (male-privilege-wise) exist), but this is clearly about heterosexual men who are obsessed with finding ways of finding anal sex repugnant.. :)

He goes further:
Community. This has the potential for the most immediate impact in the lives of those struggling [with same-sex attraction]. […] I work with a number of young men in their 20s and many of them need help with their finances, finding a job, buying a car, finding a place to live, etc. These practical needs can serve as opportunities for relationship and ministry.
In other words, get under their skin first, before stigmatizing them as WORSE sinners than you.

He then finishes with:
I remember what it meant to me to be invited to a family's Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and watch them truly honor, appreciate and love one another. I remember being loved and encouraged for who I was without the stigma of my struggle; they related to me rather than my issue. My life was forever changed as they helped me see God's glory in me and discover His purpose for me. We can all do the same for those in our community. This is the power of the body of Christ.

Thus, by "the power of the body of Christ," church leaders should be "compelled" to demonize and stigmatize gay church members, First by hiding the fact that they think of same-sex attraction as being equal to rape theft and murder... but also then by hiding the fact that they think same-sex attraction IS EQUAL TO THE APPROVAL OF such behavior.

Know this much Mr. Buchanan, to see God’s glory in yourself, and to discover His purpose for you, is NOT the same as seeing one’s own same-sex attraction as the result of malicious intent, or even as the result of harmful negligence ~ Which is what the claim of homosexuality being a "sin," implies.

If you truly feel so, say so. But stop dancing around it, and actually try to prove your point. Because at this point, I'm still not seeing it.

Also see Truth Wins Out: Naive Exodus Church Network Cheats Antigay Churches