Friday, May 23, 2008

Afreh Manu Bernard: "They hate me for emphasizing on the bitter truth."

Don't hate me for my beautiful morality.

Afreh Manu Bernard: Really, something must be wrong in California. I could not believe my ears when news wafted through the atmosphere that the court had overturned the ban on gay-marriages. I am forced to ask: why would any judge, worth his biblical principles, digest the vile arguments of these sex-perverts.
They hate me for emphasizing on the bitter truth. [...] (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13). The New Testament is just as clear on this issue as is the Old Testament. I pray the anti-gay groups never relent in their efforts of overturning that judgment.

Ah yes, that "bitter [Biblical] truth" that gays must be put to death.

(And just incase you're an anti-gay bigot who feels lead to associate yourself with this person, this quote is now on record:)

Afreh Manu Bernard: Oh you, the agnostic, come in with your fiery darts and I am ready to deflate and spike every argument against the existence of Almighty God. I know this piece would whip up bitter sentiments against me; the antiphon would be sickening; some people would curse the hand with which I type such bullets into their fuming mind, and some might even wish to have me tied to a stakes, pull a dagger from its sheath, stab me in the forehead, and squeeze it till I writhe in pain to death. Call me a bible-thumper, or wish for hailstones on my head; the heavens know I have played my role. Indeed, the destiny is in our hands!

"Bitter sentiments," why yes Afreh Manu Bernard, you've got this 'militant homosexual activist' pegged to a tee. I truly do indeed have bitter sentiments in regard to your desire to have me put to death in the name of Jesus Christ, as per Leviticus 20:13.

And P.S. Afreh Manu Bernard, since when do people stab people in the forehead?

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