Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Peter LaBarbera: some children must remain unborn, and/or in foster care.

By Peter LaBarbera
One of the factors that makes the homosexual activist agenda so peculiarly evil is its habit of glomming on to humanity’s most noble institutions and truths — parenting, marriage, love, honesty, justice and “equality” — and putting them in the service of its starkly ignoble cause of winning acceptance for immoral and unhealthy homosexual behavior.

Homosexual behavior being code for sexual promiscuity. Ergo, according to Peter LaBarbera, homosexual parenting is equal to sexual promiscuity.

LaBarbera expounds: Now look at the “gay daddies” propaganda photo again. What emotions does it evoke in you?

LaBarbera expounds further: (If your answer is “joy” at this happy “family,” then you are either lying, deceived or you’ve lost your soul, and your mind.)
Thus, if you don't see SHEER sexual promiscuity whilst viewing that photo, LaBarbera's Christian assessment of you as a lying deceitful mindless-soul...

...must therefore be accurate.

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