Thursday, September 4, 2008

Florida (Yes on 2) anti-marriage movement uses "Dutch Study" to further their cause.

Hi, I'm John Stemberger, and apparently I approve of this message:

What Harm Would Same Sex Marriage Do? By Peter Sprigg (Color PDF Brochure)

One study in the Netherlands showed that homosexual men with a steady partner had an average of eight sexual partners per year. [...] The same Dutch study that showed the high rate of homosexual promiscuity also showed that the average homosexual male “partnership” lasts only 1.5 years.
You can read more about the Dutch Study here.

Most importantly (IMO), is that monogamous gay couples WERE EXCLUDED from the study altogether! But of course, they don't say that, yet the study continues to be used to show that ALL gay men with "steady partner[s]" are promiscuous (and thus, not a good environment for raising children).

Meaning, that John Stemberger, and the "Christian" Florida anti-marriage movement, are willing to LIE (in the name of Jesus of course).

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Kevin said...

Why let facts get in the way when lies are easier to swallow?
It seems that very few people are willing to look at these original studies to show how they are being misused.