Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Julie Brown as Sarah Palin

Good As You turned me on to these, from her own web site even! She's one of my absolute favorites.

Sarah Palin on Lawyers

Sarah Palin on Caribou

Sarah Palin on International Relations

And as I like to say, as long as she responds to a terrorist attack by reading a children's book, she's perfectly qualified to take over the presidency.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin: Folk Hero or Genocide Sparker?

Yes she's one of "us" (people who wear sweatshirts with flowers and birds); yes she sets her "mind" to something and gets the job done; yes she plops out a Downy and gets back to work (just like any good workin' mom); yes she's good with her careless daughter being pregnant in high school (cuz shoot, Life Happens); yup, yup, you betcha she'll back the rapers and scrapers who want to drill the fuck outta ANWR; yeah Big Oil's got her back!

If Hillary's 17-year-old daughter got knocked up, do you think anyone would be so forgiving of the Clintons' lack of proper parenting? Or would Hillary be vilified for her single-minded career priorities?

Intellectuals thought the last eight years of smug and abusive Republican populism was traumatic, but just wait till the sweatshirt posse of middle-minded moms opens their long-simmering can of whoop-ass!