Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ray Boltz music critique, by Joey DiGuglielmo of the Washington Blade

This isn't regarding the same concert I posted about in the below post, but Joey did a much better job of critiquing Boltz' new set than I could have:
Nearly all the new material Boltz unveiled in his roughly 75-minute set addressed the gay experience. He joked that "Don't Tell Me Who to Love," an up-tempo dance number he sang to a pre-recorded track, might sound a bit too much like a Cher cut, but he said a producer he'd been working with in Los Angeles encouraged him to try it. The audience responded with a standing ovation at its clear, pro-gay message

Musically speaking, that song was the exception though. Most of the new material was performed with Boltz accompanying himself on acoustic guitar. Even though the audience was hearing these numbers for the first time, their accessible, uncomplicated lyrics made them easy crowd pleasers. The cleverly crafted "I Will Choose to Love," ominous, jangly "Swimming Hole" (about a hate crime) and emotionally bare "God Knows I Tried" were the standouts.
Read the rest here: Ray Boltz unveils new music during weekend D.C. mini concert

I look forward to his new CD, it will be a lifesaver for many.

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