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Hey, you're not allowed to be gay and save people, leave that atheist family alone!

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AFA's One News Now on Ray Boltz' now "devastated" family...

I presented an idea, based on an observation, and within hours it became a reality, via...
Now, there's already a story going on about how "ex-gay" Greg Quinlan's Greg Quinlan's pants are on fire, and you can read all about it here, here, and even pro-ex-gay-here. Not to mention Google.

So, now that you're caught up on...oh wait, that's right, re EGW, he also "now works with the New Jersey Family Policy Counsel in an unknown capacity."


So NOW that you're caught up on the shenanigans of a one Mr. "ex-gay" Greg Quinlan, FINALLY we can get to the story. (though technically at this point I'm pretty much ready for bed)

ANYWAY...From the American Family Association's One News Now video outlet, Mr Quinlan had this to say about Christian Celebrity Ray Boltz' 'coming out' in the Washington Blade article

(It would appear that Mr. Quinlan had not even read the article before agreeing to the interview):

Jim Brown: Now Ray Boltz, he divorced in 2005, but he was married for 33 years, has 4 kids…tell us how devastating this is to his family, you know what happens in a situation like this.

Greg Quinlan: Well you start to wonder what predicated the divorce, if it wasn't this, or if he’s decided to go this route because of the divorce, I don’t know. Divorce is a horrible, horrible, horrible thing. But yeah, it’s going to have a tremendous impact on his children, and I would hope that he thought this out. I don’t know, and haven’t heard, and of course I shouldn’t have heard, whether he’s sought any help--about any same sex attraction or any feelings that he had. But there is help for him, there’s hope for him. And I would just hope that if he hears this, that he would start to seek that hope.

I mean, he can even contact me through you folks, and we can set something up. I mean, there’s no reason for him to be--in--to be stuck where he is, to be where he’s at.

Ray Boltz: And I'm going to do a song right now that I wrote a long time ago. And I want to sing it and dedicate it to you guys, to Pastor my family...that I don't know where they are...they're they are...
Here's "the thing," not only was his FAMILY there in the audience to SUPPORT HIM, the first 8 songs of his concert set were clearly pro-gay-supportive.

Point being, he's put quite a bit of "thought" into the decision to be honest with himself, his family, and now the world. And to trivialize that, is an insult of the highest order.

If that is acceptable to you, then so be it. But know that his wife and his kids still love and support him.

Or would you say that he, or at least his family, have now become some unwitting participants in a so-called "homosexual agenda?"
This was the song he sang at the end of the above video clip. It's not from the same concert, but it's the same song. It's repeated a few posts down and it's primarily how I know him, and why I'm spending so much time on this subject.

Not just the song, but the whole of what this means. There are a lot of anti-gay "Christians" who are doing a lot of self examination right now, specifically, and just because of this. And that's why I think this event is so important.

"Thank You" By Ray Boltz

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Anonymous said...

Who would have though I'm capable of sending out a message like that, huh?

After all, according to some mutual friends of ours, I'm the bad guy. According to them, I need to be sent back into the closet. I'm bad for business, according to them.

In the end, no matter what one can say about me, and things not turning out for the better, what they can't say is that I was the one who broke the trust.

And as you know, once something breaks, there's no ever putting it back together.

It would have been nice to add a bunch of blog logos to that, but, again, you know how that goes.

Thank you for having the confidence.

Emproph said...

“And as you know, once something breaks, there's no ever putting it back together.”

Well, I figure if using your work can help prevent one suicide, or one murder, or one hate crime, I guess I’ll just have to find a way to live with that.
BTW, and this pretty much goes for anyone, anything I transcribe, you can copy and paste, in part or in full. A credit/link to the site would be nice, but NOT necessary. If it’s something I’ve written personally, then obviously make sure to quote me as Emproph, Patrick, author of GFJ or whatever, you get the point. And that goes for any post.

Yes, I want to be famous. Yes, I want to be popular. But my goal here is to minimize the humiliation and taunting that I went through in school. And right now, the only way I know how to do that is to help expose the lies of the Anti-Gay Industry, and if you can help me to do that, I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you,

-Patrick (Emproph)

Anonymous said...

One thing is certain. Repeating old quotes from dead people and trying to play net nazi isn't one of them.

And just to show you, Randy Thomas is lying about Exodus being involved in policy issues, Alan Chambers was on webcast ( which I missed/I didn't know it was being streamed online) about California Prop 8 and forty eight hours later, the so called pros from dover still have nothing to say?

Hey guys, I know some of you are tired from all that traveling, but one, hate never takes a holiday or the weekend off and neither should any of you.

Two, what those guys do affects everyone, not just former ex-gays.

By the way, I haven't posted to YT yet because I was waiting to see if more people would like to have their websites or blog mentioned in an act of solidarity and unity for Mr. Boltz.