Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh no! Does my salvation still count if it happened during a Ray Boltz concert?!!

First of all, this is from One News Now (AFA), and apparently they do videos now.

I've hyperlinked a few interesting and relevant side notes and sites regarding the article and video (linked below, you can pretty much run with it from there (if you haven't already))

It doesn't "sound" mean, but I thought some of the insinuations were merciless.

I can’t embed this, so you’ll have to watch it from the link, and/or here’s the full transcript:

Interviewer, Jim Brown: We’re here at the values voters summit in Washington and I have beside me Greg Quinlan, who is with the New Jersey Family Policy Council.

Greg has an incredible testimony. He lived over a decade in the homosexual lifestyle, and after accepting Jesus Christ as his savior, he left that lifestyle, and now he is helping people that are struggling with the sin of homosexuality.

Greg, I wanted to talk to you today about a very sad story that we’ve just heard of - Ray Boltz, a very popular, widely known Christian music singer, he has announced to the Washington Blade that he is a homosexual. He say’s ‘God made him that way,’ and I want to get your reaction. This is stunning news for the Christian community.

Greg Quinlan: Yeah, it is stunning news. I’m absolutely shocked. I’ve got some of his CD’s and cassettes tapes--tells ya how long it’s been around.

When he says that he’s born that way, we now know for a fact that that’s false. In fact, just last year, in March, the director of the Human Genome Project, Dr. Francis Collins, said this; he says, homosexuality is not hard wired, there is no gay gene. We’ve mapped the human genome, we now know there is no genetic cause for homosexuality [Emp:
Or you could just read (or even just skim through) this EGW article FROM LAST MAY]. In fact, study after study shows that nobody’s born gay, and if there’s any changes in brain abnormality, that usually comes after the behavior has started, not before -- it’s usually predicated on nurture, it's never nature.

Jim Brown: Now Ray Boltz, he divorced in 2005, but he was married for 33 years, has 4 kids…tell us how devastating this is to his family, you know what happens in a situation like this.

Greg Quinlan: Well you start to wonder what predicated the divorce, if it wasn't this, or if he’s decided to go this route because of the divorce, I don’t know. Divorce is a horrible, horrible, horrible thing. But yeah, it’s going to have a tremendous impact on his children, and I would hope that he thought this out. I don’t know, and haven’t heard, and of course I shouldn’t have heard, whether he’s sought any help--about any same sex attraction or any feelings that he had. But there is help for him, there’s hope for him. And I would just hope that if he hears this, that he would start to seek that hope.

I mean, he can even contact me through you folks, and we can set something up. I mean, there’s no reason for him to be--in--to be stuck where he is, to be where he’s at.

Jim Brown: Very interesting reaction from the Gospel Music Association, the group that gives out the Dove awards. They say that they’re not going to comment on the lifestyle choices of people in their community.

Mike Airhart from TWO caught that last one
Sidestepping any discussion of science, the Gospel Music Association mischaracterized Ray Boltz’s honesty, saying, “We do not comment on the lifestyle choices of people in our community.” (Emphasis is TWO’s.)
Greg Quinlan: Well does “comment” mean that you’re not going to retract any of his music, that you’re not going to ask for some of the awards back - I don’t know what that means, does that mean he no longer has membership?

You can’t---this is sin, you know, it’s a disorder, it should be called it that, but this is sin. Homosexuality is something that you can overcome like any sin you can do that. Sometimes it’s a struggle, sometimes it’s hard, I’m not going to tell you it was easy, it certainly wasn’t for me. But to sit there - when you make that kind of statement, it’s almost like you’re enabling a behavior, that is frankly, totally inconsistent, incongruent with the message of the gospel. But since no one’s born a homosexual, if you live as a homosexual, you are living against God’s purpose. It’s outside of His purpose, because His purpose was for a man and His purpose for a woman was to be together. Not two men, not two women.

Jim Brown: Greg, finally, the response from the Christian community, Christian radio stations, what should it be?

Greg Quinlan: Well, we should, you know, don’t hate Ray Boltz, you love him - except for the grace of God, you know, where would we be? He needs our prayers, in that sense, he needs our support. But I think Christian radio, and other venues, maybe we shouldn’t be playing his music. Powerful stuff, I mean, it was just powerful stuff. Passionate, just well done, but-it-just unfortunate that this has happened, but Ray Boltz needs our prayers, because this is something he can overcome.

Jim Brown: Some important words from Greg Quinlan, with the New Jersey Family Policy Council. Greg, thanks so much for your time.

Greg Quinlan: Thank you. Thank you very much.

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