Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mike Ensley: Q & A Friday:

Q: How do I respond to my son who says that I don't accept him because I don't condone his homosexual behavior?
A. Believe it or not, there are parents who have restored relationship with their still-gay-identified adult children that goes beyond civility; they genuinely love and enjoy each other again. Granted, it wasn't an easy road getting there, but they got there.

And, there are kids who eventually walk out of it (yours truly, for instance).

"Yours truly," I don't think that's fair.

You state yourself that you continue to experience same-sex attraction: From the hideously anti-gay site Truth and Tolerance, you say:

As a single guy who continues to experience h same-sex attractions
And from your own Exodus Youth Truth and Tolerance DVD, you say:

"Do I still feel, homosexual attractions? Um, yeah.

Advancing a life of permanent loveless celibacy is one thing, but don't you really think it would be fair to ask your readers to go back and reread the article knowing what they know now? (about YOU)

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