Thursday, August 7, 2008

Same sex attraction causes natural disasters?

Many anti-gay “Christians” continue to claim that recent earthquakes, fires, and floods are the direct result of the legalization of homosexual marriage in California (not to mention why an all-knowing and all-perfect God would seem to have such bad aim, poor timing, and, why in the world would "He" (because God is a man, with a penis) would choose to confuse us even further by solely communicating with us via natural disasters - knowing full well how fearful-of-death we all are?).

Just a question...

But I'm not saying there is no God, I'm just saying that that doesn't sound like a very loving one.

Oh, and too, wouldn’t that also mean that rainbows in the sky mean that God approves of gay relationships?

According to their logic, kiss a guy, see a rainbow, God approves.

Unless you're a lesbian...

Nope, apparently that works too.

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