Friday, November 20, 2009

Rick Scarborough on hate-crime legislation: "I’m not here to hurt anyone"

Re; Right Wing Watch.

Anti-Hate Crimes Legislation Rally
Washington, D.C.
November 16, 2009

Compiled Footage of Religious Right 'Rally' on Hate Crimes (Edited)

They isolate gays as being unworthy of hate-crime protection, attempt to hide that fact by pretending that they are against ALL hate-crime legislation, and then claim it’s not about hate.

Rick Scarborough highlights these points, and then some:

Rick Scarborough: But I don’t believe hate-crimes legislation is about protecting homosexuals, I think it’s about silencing alternate speech.

For the first time in American Jurisprudence, we now have laws on the books, and this adds to those laws, where lady justice has to drop the blindfold, speak out, and see who it is that’s being protected, and then mitigate justice based upon one person as being superior to another person. One of our speakers hit that hard and very clear. That’s the problem I have with it.
I think it’s much superior to have a life in a world, I should say, or a country, where this group [pro-gay] can have their rallies, we can have our rallies--let the superior idea win.

I’m not here to hurt anyone, or to infringe on anyone’s rights, but I’m going to die protecting my own. And that is the American way.
"justice based upon one person as being superior to another person"

That’s a load of garbage, as he is equally protected under the same hate-crime legislation, as per religion and sexual orientation.

"I think it’s much superior to … let the superior idea win"

That “superior idea” being that GLBT Americans are inferior, a "right" he is willing to “die” for, and considers to be the “American way.”

More on that “superior idea”:

Rick Scarborough: So listen, homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle. Therefore homosexuals, and this is just going to burn people that disagree. But homosexuals by definition are immoral people. They’re breaking the moral codes and standards of God.

Now, if a man will commit the act of sodomy, you can pretty well decide he will do about anything, include lying.
Nope, not hateful or hurtful at all.

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libhom said...

I've always wondered why people don't point out to the bigots that these laws also protect heterosexuals against discrimination based on their sexual orientation.