Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sarah-pocalypse Now

All the Youtube and other clips of this have been sucked up, presumably due to copyright infringement.

Perhaps I didn’t look hard enough, but I couldn’t even find this clip on the Saturday Night Live website. (Sure, if you want to go wading through the entire episode, but what if you have ADD like me?).

Countdown’s Keith Olbermann seems to have the only remaining clip.

The Nation’s coverage of the Countdown clip includes this quote which sums up SNL’s excoriating Palin/2012 montage.

Saturday Night Live recently produced a fake film trailer of a movie called Palin 2012, an obvious parody of the doomsday film 2012. SNL's version captures what the world will be like if Sarah Palin is elected President (with Glenn Beck as her VP). On Countdown, Keith Olbermann sounds off on her apocalyptic political career, and what we can really expect in the future.

--Alana Levinson
Also, from the Countdown transcript:

OLBERMANN: The man who was effectively John McCain's campaign manager served it up like the proverbial softball. Steve Schmidt said months ago, if she were the Republican nominee, 2012 would be a, quote, "catastrophic election." Our number one story, Sister Sarah is denied permission to make a speech on a US Army base, but does manage to solicit political contributions while signing books there. "Saturday Night Live" decided to illustrate the motion picture possibilities of Mr. Schmidt's remark: Sarah-pocalypse now.

The "Going Rogue" tour bus rolling into Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Army regulations banning any politician from using politicians for political platforms. But a Fort Bragg spokesman says Palin falls into a gray area because she's, quote, not a political figure per se.

So instead the military offered her a compromise, no speeches, no posing for pictures, no personalized messages in books. But as the Associated Press reports, that did not stop the Palin camp from encouraging donations to her political action committee. Allowing Palin's father, Chuck Heath (ph), to call President Obama's handling of the military, quote, "scary. People used to be afraid of us and respect us. They're not afraid of us and don't respect us anymore."

I guess he's in touch with Kim Jong-il. The scary extending beyond the fort Bragg stop to the Mayan calendar's warning of Armageddon and the Hollywood CGI spectacle chronicling of civilization end. "SNL" pitched perfect.
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