Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rick Scarborough: Sodomy = Dishonesty

I apologize for the lateness of this report, but I think the leap of "logic" quote and ensuing extrapolation from it are definitely noteworthy.

I caught this Janet Folger interview with Rick Scarborough of Vision America about a month ago while driving in the car.

@ the 12:18 mark:
Janet Folger: Tell us what you were mentioning to me before the air, before the program, about, well, we want to be insured, if you don’t have insurance, here’s the way to get it. Go ahead.

Rick Scarborough: So listen, homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle. Therefore homosexuals, and this is just going to burn people that disagree. But homosexuals by definition are immoral people. They’re breaking the breaking the moral codes and standards of God.

Now, if a man will commit the act of sodomy, you can pretty well decide he will do about anything, include lying.

A man has AIDS, he lives in Texas, he can’t get insurance anywhere, all he’s got to do is find another man to marry him, and they do that by going to California. They don’t have to honor the marriage, they don't have to stay in the marriage - they go to California, get married, come back and demand that the husband/wife, which ever other role the person the party is playing, then puts him on his insurance policy, and some company has just embraced a $300,000 doctor bill, because they’re now married, and you have to insure the spouse.

You will see, in my opinion, thousands of these illicit marriages, performed, just for such rationales as that. Demanding that their immorality, and the consequences be covered by someone else’s insurance.
Now, the buffoonery here is apparent to anyone with a working brain. His point though, is that the corrupt use of marriage is gay specific, specifically because gays are corrupt. But only those of us male gays who happen to have anal sex. You lesbian and straight couples who "commit" sodomy are perfectly in the clear.

In addition, Folger has a treasure trove of radio interviews that are in need of assessment. INCLUDING a listed interview with Paul Cameron (under Homosexuality & Marriage).


Michael said...

I am curious on how you plan to escape hell? Unless you repent of your crimes against God that is exactly where you are headed. No hell you say...then I quess your worries...cheers.

Emproph said...

“Crimes against God?”

Isn’t God perfect?

So how would you know what my crimes against God were unless you were also perfect?

The “inerrant” Bible you say? Wouldn’t you have to be inerrant yourself in order to know that the Bible was inerrant?

Seems to me that claiming to be on par with God is the ultimate sin against God.

So I guess I'll see you in hell, Michael.