Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love Won Out protest in Alabama

Ala black Christian

"They're telling you to hate your child unless he lives the way you tell him to live," said Johnathan Quinn, president of Central Alabama Pride, one of the protesting organizations. "Their literature tells the parents to abandon their children unless they go this route: forcing them to be straight."

[[Melissa] Fryrear, director of gender issues for Focus on the Family and one of the speakers.] Fryrear said Focus on the Family does not want parents to shun homosexual children.

"One of our messages is helping parents stay in a relationship with their gay-identified child," Fryrear said. "Moms and dads shouldn't have to relinquish their religious convictions."

As described above, she confuses the issue by describing same-sex attraction as both an uncontrollable condition, and one that is a chosen identification.

This is the kind of doublespeak that leads me to conclude that Focus on the Family is a corrupt organization.

As I mocked on my facebook page; "Yay! I want parents who love their “religious convictions” more than they love me!"


libhom said...

Religion is the single biggest source of suffering, misery, and premature death on this Earth.

Emproph said...

It's sickening.

Being the "biggest source of suffering, misery, and premature death on the Earth", it's also the biggest source of power on the Earth. And most of that power is controlled by sociopaths.