Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Congress considers sodomizing religious freedom

From Citizenlink: 11-6-09 "Lawmakers Consider Special Rights for Homosexuals"

"ENDA would enshrine special rights"

Indeed, it virtually rapes the "Christian" custom of arbitrary discrimination.

Craig Parshall was the only witness to speak against the bill...Parshall heard cries for fundamental fairness and rights.

"What about the civil rights, the civil opportunities and privileges of private enterprise," he said, "to conduct its business free of these exotic new value systems?"
Exotic: not native or usual; mysterious, alien, alluring, avant garde, bizarre, colorful, curious, different, enticing, external, extraneous, extraordinary, extrinsic, far out, fascinating, foreign, glamorous, imported, introduced, kinky*, outlandish, outside, peculiar, peregrine, romantic, strange, striking, unfamiliar, unusual, way out, weird

That leaves us with quite a range of "exotic value systems" to choose from.

Bill sponsors claim there is a religious exemption in the bill, but Parshall said it won't protect for-profit Christian organizations.
Should we also then assume that Craig Parshall is a “For profit Christian?”

"They will be required to hire… [those] …that violate Scripture's mandate."
And now to use the word mandate in sentence form:

--My mandate and I decided to take a cab instead of driving.

--Me and my mandate went for a walk last week.

--I said to my mandate, yes, and then let us sup and feast from a fancy restaurant...
So, at least three idioms here:

1) exotic new value systems
2) for-profit Christians
3) Scripture's mandate

And now back to anti-gay hell on Earth.


libhom said...

I find it odd that anyone would say something as ordinary as homosexuality or bisexuality could be described as "exotic." That guy needs to get out more.

Emproph said...

That was perfectly calculated. Another attempt to reduce our humanity to nothing more than sex:

A striptease is an erotic or exotic dance in which the performer gradually undresses, either partly or completely, in a seductive and sexually suggestive manner. The person who performs a striptease is commonly known as a "stripper" or exotic dancer.