Friday, November 7, 2008

Trillion $ sexy.

Alan Chambers on the "unpopularity" of Bush and the occupation war in Iraq:

"It was nice to have a Christian President over the last 8 years who shared my values, whom I believe wholeheartedly means it every-time he says, “God Bless You and God Bless America”. Despite his unpopularity on issues related to the war and the economy, I believe that President George W. Bush and his family restored honor to the highest office in our land and to the White House. He might not have been a perfect President, but he was trustworthy and moral and like Ronald Reagan, the President of my youth, he kept America safe.

Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

$1 Trillion dollars spent to give these men the opportunity to "keep America safe" from another 9/11, even though the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with preventing another 9/11.

These men died for oil, and more specifically and disgustingly, greed for the mere sake of it.

Alan Chambers: "but he was trustworthy and moral"

McCain Falsely Linked Iraq To 9/11 Before Dick Cheney

Senate committee: Bush knew Iraq claims weren't true


'Miracle' Marine dies; badly burned in 2005 Iraq blast

Alan Chambers (emphasis in original): "Related to the wins for marriage as we know it, though, must come the realization that 18,000 marriage licenses are this morning deemed invalid in the state of California. Translated: 36,000 hearts that have to be absolutely broken. And, while I am thrilled with the vote in support of keeping marriage the way God intends it, I am truly heavy in heart for the men and women who saw same-sex marriage as an answer to their struggle for acceptance. I do not take any joy in seeing people’s dreams or hearts crushed even if I disagree with them. I pray this morning that the proponents of Arizona’s Prop 102, California’s Prop 8 and Florida’s Amendment 2 celebrate with these broken hearts in mind and with a desire to comfort those who need comfort in the wake of what has to be bitter disappointment. Truly this is what Jesus would do!"

From the bottom of my heart, Alan, this one's for you:

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