Thursday, November 13, 2008

Joe Dallas does VP of Exodus, Randy Thomas.

Joe Dallas, speaker at love won out conferences, who's books and cd's are staples of the Exodus "bookstore," and who himself is heavily referenced throughout the site, is the quintessential example of what is wrong with the anti-gay, slash, political ex-gay movement when they claim that their beliefs about sexuality are Biblically based.

And it's not just the fact that their "Biblical beliefs" are so consistently inconsistent, it's really about the fact that they take such pains to hide it.

Joe Dallas is divorced and remarried. An unrepentant adulter according to the bible, yet he has the audacity to author and promote a book called "The Gay Gospel? How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread The Bible."

You can read more about his current marital indiscretion here.

This is what he had to say on Randy's blog:
Randy, your answer to Hugo is one of the best responses to that sort of hyperbole that I've ever read. Bravo! Actually, yours is the first blog I've ever taken time to keep revisiting, and I'm enjoying it hugely. And yes, I'd say you just encouraged the birth of a new blog that I suspect won't be titled, "Everyday Loving Thoughts About Randy Collected."
How appropos, Joe.

Hugo's comment to Randy was thus, which I personally found to be quite accurate:
Maybe you could label yourself as what you are: a closeted gay man, incapable of loving the way he loves and living in fear. God set you free form nothjing, your chose barrten, loveless life and didicated your l9fe to oppressing and defaming people like you.

And did your fake dream also include the ending the messages of hatred and constant vomiting of lies coming from Christian right and your employers? Most likely not?

People who have been oppressed, been targeted with such hate as we are do get angry. BVut not even that is allowed because you fascists want us to go underground in hiding. That old lady chose to come gloating to people who were hurting, she chose to rub in the insult... but then that is what you christianists do, Nothing is enough fpr you when it comes to hurting people.

No more mr. Nice gay, I will fight you to the day I die and I will never give up.
Well said Hugo (if not well spelled ;).

Randy's long-winded yet typically trite response to Hugo -- the one that Joe Dallas responded to -- is here.
The name of that thread?

“Stop It” Therapy for The Masses - A Day Dream. A dream in which evil prop 8 protesters stop "knocking crosses out of old ladies hands," and gay couples allow pastors like Rick Warren to legally crap all over them with impunity.

Yes, that'll always be the dream, Randy...
And on a completely unrelated note:

Mad TV Bob Newhart Skit - Mo Collins - Stop it

Breaking news: Exodus / Love Won Out, releases new campaign slogan:
Gay? - Stop It!


libhom said...

The founders of Exodus fell in love, left the ministry, and had a same sex commitment ceremony in the 80s.

Emproph said...

Have you seen "One Nation Under God"?

Gary Busse is an active ally. I saw him at the ex-gay survivor's conference, and he chimes in at Ex-Gay Watch every now and then (or at least used to).