Saturday, November 29, 2008

Exodus “saddened” by news of potential gay happiness.

Exodus International Disappointed, Saddened by eHarmony Decision to Launch gay Matchmaking Site

November 26, 2008
Orlando, FL- The largest Christian ministry to those dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction responded to the news that eHarmony, a matchmaking company founded by evangelical psychologist Neil Clark Warren, has decided to launch a matchmaking website for homosexual singles instead of fighting a nearly four-year-old complaint in court.

In 2005, a homosexual man filed a complaint alleging that the eHarmony's policy of matching only opposite-sex couples violated New Jersey's anti-discrimination law, which covers "sexual orientation." As part of the settlement reached with the New Jersey attorney general, eHarmony plans to launch - a matchmaking web site aimed solely at the homosexual community. Founded in 2000, eHarmony was initially marketed to Christian singles.

"Raising a white flag of surrender over foundational Christian principles cannot be an option when we truly believe that such truths are the gateway to freedom and new life," said Alan Chambers, former homosexual and President of Exodus International. "The Bible is clear that homosexual relationships were never part of God's creative design for humanity, nor is it His best plan for individuals. Those of us who have experienced the emptiness of gay life know that promoting it will inevitably lead to more heartache for many. "
Or more accurately...

Helping gay people find happiness will 'inevitably lead to more heartache' for those of us who want to keep the lives of gays, empty.


libhom said...

The founders of Exodus fell in love, left the ministry, and had a same sex commitment ceremony in the 80s. Yet, the heterosexist cult lives on.

Scott said...

I don't want to be told I'm unhappy, from a person whose wife is OBVIOUSLY unhappy with the person who's talking.

Only a stupid person would think Miss Chambers is happily married to a gay man, and it's obvious she's still with him for one reason only: it's free money, and lots of it.

At least I'm not stuck in a loveless marriage with a showboating queen. That is not a healthy or happy relationship, so Alan can stop his projecting.

Not to mention my good friends aren't merely "business associates". Who's the unhappy one?