Thursday, June 26, 2008

"How Your Same-sex Family Will Harm My Family"

According to Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family, here's how:
Your same-sex family will teach my little boys and girls that husband/wife and mother/father are merely optional for the family and therefore, meaningless.

The Lou Sheldon version:

Max Blumenthal: And you’ve said that the lifestyle is very seductive and it’s hard to get out of it.

Lou Sheldon: Well it’s a groove, you get in that groove and you’re up the creek without a paddle. But remember, homosexuality could strike you, it could strike this man here taking the picture.

Max Blumenthal: How could it strike me?

Lou Sheldon: Because you could go into a gender identity confusion, because it is a psychological imbalance. Something happens in a person’s life. It becomes a spirit.

Paul Cameron's take (re BTB) :
Homosexuality is particularly ‘sticky entertainment.' Like drug addiction, it's hard to break away from. But homosexuality transcends ‘sticky.' It is so all-consuming that it tends to degrade the logic and character of those who indulge in it.

And finally, a one Mr. Paul Richins' assessment:
Consider this scenario: You are married as husband and wife and have children. Since you agree with same-sex "marriages" your children say, "It must be great, exciting and fantastic." So all your children go for same-sex "marriages." They produce no grandchildren. Your ancestral line vanishes. How exciting and fantastic.

Argument being, that to make something legal, is to make it appealing.

Good thing we have laws against gouging one's eyes out...
Edit 7-10-08: In regard to that last line, I should have come up with a better example. I realize that gouging one's own eyes out isn't technically illegal.

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