Friday, June 13, 2008

How much of this anti-gay hatred is fear based?

I realize that sentiment is cliché, so I only wish to explore an aspect of it here.

That said, as Box Turtle Bulletin has been relentlessly following this story about California county employees refusing to do their jobs, something for me has come to mind.

In one of the BTB threads, Evan linked to his coverage of the Kern County / Ann Barnett story, in which he linked to another article on the situation:

At her request, County Counsel Bernard Barmann filed a brief with the California Supreme Court opposing implementation of the May 15 ruling allowing gay marriage.

She tried to resign her elected position as county clerk — while keeping her positions as auditor-controller and elections boss.

“She really wanted to get rid of it,” Barmann said.

And finally, when the ruling came down Wednesday that she had to license same-sex marriages, she decided to stop performing all weddings. That involved canceling 25 heterosexual ceremonies that had been scheduled after June 13, according to her staff

The portion in bold, above, coincides with these types of efforts:
(link, re Pam's House Blend)
A South Carolina school district has delayed until later in the month a vote on whether to ban all student clubs that don't relate to academics or sports as a way to close a gay student organization.
And now back to Kern County's Ann Barnett. She’s not the only CA county clerk who's determined to oppress all for the sake of ensuring the oppression of some, other CA county clerks have also jumped on the dereliction of duty bandwagon.

Now we know that those involved in the anti-gay industry lifestyle define themselves by their love of hatred. Namely, their love of hating gays "homosexuality." We also know -- according to the anti-gay industry -- that same sex attraction is the highest form of God-mockery that exists.

And given that they believe that gay marriage equality will bring about the destruction of civilization, especially since every society in human history that has fallen, has fallen specifically because of gays, then therefore, the presence of gays, is a precursor to the fall of that civilization.

So if the presence of gays homosexuality is the precursor to the destruction of civilization, then it would naturally follow that the acceptance of homosexuality would lead to the acceleration of that destruction.

Authorizing same-sex unions would then constitute a recognition of this 'God-mockery,' making these county-clerks willing accomplices, not only in the “mockery” of God -- personally and professionally -- but also in the “destruction of civilization.”

So as you can see, they’re in quite a bind.

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Kevin said...

I don't really like the word 'homophobia.' I don't see a single anti-gay activist out there that is afraid of gays and lesbians. I prefer homohatred. For me that fits better.