Friday, June 6, 2008

Janet Folger: "Next to Fort Lauderdale Florida, Randy’s on the line. Welcome Randy."

@ the 51:45 mark: Janet Folger, Faith2Action radio program from 6-6-08

Randy: Hello, how are you?

Janet Folger: Well, thanks.

Randy: Good, good, good. I am calling just [as an?] interject on this whole conversation. I love the conversation within itself. I come from a Christian background, and in the last 16 years lived a gay lifestyle until about 8 months ago. And knowing what the gay lifestyle has, and know how it--the, the motivation behind it is a sexual motivation. And inside of the sexual sin, then comes the sin--the drugs, and everything else, and then comes the breaking down of--um, of truth.

The sad part that we as Christian’s are, um, I guess making the mistake in, is, the way that we talk, even like on shows, or talk shows such as this, it’s in a very strong, um, um, almost with a sense of arrogance. Yes we’re trying to reveal what is so. But when you’re given the truth that transform [sic], I heard you say earlier in the commentary about, love, and when you’re echoing out God’s Word, we should be echoing out God’s word in a way of - with compassion and hope, because that’s what it was about, but often times…

Janet Folger: So, you’re right Randy. We’re just running out of time, just, so you were a homosexual, you are no longer practicing that lifestyle?

Randy: Right. Correct, correct.

Janet Folger: Praise God. What a testimony.

Rick Scarborough: And your words are well taken, because, sometimes in my zeal I get a little too forward, and a little too abrasive, it is never right to project arrogance, and I apologize to the listeners for that.

Janet Folger: Sometimes what unfortunately, you may sense in mine is fear - I see that there is risk of our freedoms being lost, but we’ve got to put our trust in God, and we need to obey Him, and speak that truth in love. Rick Scarborough, thanks so much, from Vision America - so grateful for all you’re doing my friend.

Rick Scarborough: You too, God bless.

Janet Folger: Bless you.

Update: Apparently it wasn't Randy Thomas of Exodus. I asked him and he said it wasn't him.

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