Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sisterlisa of Apples of Gold Ministries: Gay couples responsible for CA wildfires.

Sisterlisa of Apples of Gold ministries writes an hackneyed diatribe article called "Marriage Defined."

She begins with:
This last week I was speaking to my husband about our marriage series here at Apples of Gold and something really weighed heavy on my heart. […] Yet, now for some reason a Superior Court judge in the state of California thinks he can change that law on his own…

Actually I believe it was four judges who (oh who cares)...

She continues:
I personally use one book as my text in regards to this issue in life and that is the Holy Bible.

And continues:
If same gender relationships continue and become legal... [...] Where do you draw the line? I know where God draws His line!

Leviticus 20:13, " If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." KJV

And continues:
How can we overlook these commands from the Lord and say it is left to your own interpretation?

Drum Roll
I live in the state of California and this state is about to make a seriously unwise decision in allowing these marriages [...] Now has anyone else noticed that mid-June is also the time that the state of California also suffered severe loss due to fires?

First of all Sisterlisa, according to anti-gay industry protocol, you're supposed to put the word marriage in "quotes," in order to denote, without saying so, that our love is fake (ie; gay "marriage").

Secondly, to suggest that bad things happen to "bad states," is to imply a belief in statewide karma, which I don't think you meant to do. Clearly, bad things do not necessarily happen to people who have been bad, and good things do not necessarily happen to people who have been good. So why would an all knowing and just God of love feel that the best way to communicate with an already confused and fearful human electorate, was through the pronunciation of natural disasters?

Thirdly, do you really believe that gay men should be "put to death" as God's Word commands?

If so, say so. If not, then how am I to respect that your beliefs about gay marriage are truly based on the Bible, as opposed to just coinciding with the Bible?

Or does that even matter to you?


Kevin said...

Check out a blog written by John McTernan. He is being pushed by Stacy Harp (so that tells you a lot!). He is blaming the floods and devestation in the midwest on gay marriage in California (he just put up a new post today which I haven't read yet--but the same thing). His post I am referring to was on June 17. Here is a taste of what he has just written: "The flooding of the Mid-West continues. The stage was set last weekend by Secretary Rice bullying Israel to divide Jerusalem and the start of homosexual marriage Monday in California." All I can think of is: "Jesus, save me from your followers!"

Kevin said...

Whoops--you can find his blog here: