Sunday, April 27, 2008

"I’d rip his arm off and beat him with the wet end"

...said the Christian of the "sinner"

To be fair though, this was said in the context of the guy having used said arm, to open said door, for said arm-ripper-offer guy. Clearly, one of them was asking for it.

But I've been thinking, why the wet end?

From a purely-pragmatic-antigay-pro-violence-Ken-Hutcherson-stance- -alone, why wouldn’t you want to beat the person with the dry end?

The "dry" end is the part with the hand on it. Aka potential fist, aka hand = hitting device.

So if you were going to beat a gay guy with his own arm because he used it to be polite, wouldn’t you want to then taunt him further with it by saying:

"Stop hittin’ yourself!"
"Stop hittin’ yourself!"
"Stop hittin’ yourself!"

It's literal insult to injury, just by using the opposite end of the weapon.

~Just trying to follow the logic here folks...
(Yep, that's the line)

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