Monday, June 1, 2009

Exodus expands its message of hate and intolerance through social networking.

Exodus Reaches a New Generation with New Communication Trends:

"With the increasing influence of Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace and YouTube, Exodus is hoping that its presence on such outlets will expose a wider audience to the message that there is help available to those wanting to life a live (sic) that reflects the Christian faith.

"Social networking trends are universally appealing, but especially to young people," said Scott Davis who overseas (sic) Exodus International's outreach to youth as well as the ministry's innovations in technology and development."

Clearly, Exodus International isn’t satisfied with the inadequate amount of LGBT youth who get kicked out of their homes and / or commit suicide every day.

I also think that the grammatical Faux pas above are indicative of their lack of scrutiny when it comes to so much of what they say and do. They don't seem to care when they are caught in a lie, or come across as hypocritical. That article was two paragraphs long, and they didn’t even take the time to proofread it, yet they want the world to conform to their supposedly superior standards.

The areas which they are utilizing to spread their poisonous message are all hyperlinked on the Exodus web page:

Exodus International on Twitter
Exodus Youth on Twitter
Exodus on FaceBook
Exodus Freedom Conference on FaceBook
Exodus Youth on My Space
Exodus on You Tube
Exodus Student Channel on You Tube
Exodus podcasts

I’m not twitter literate, and their FaceBook page is a blurb, so I’m just going to explore a couple of their newfound avenues of approach.

Exodus on You Tube

"Through Jesus Christ, freedom from homosexuality is possible."

Alan Chambers: "How many of you are in need of some hope tonight? How many of you feel like you are just absolutely at the end of your rope? How many people came just absolutely ready for an encounter with the Lord? We serve a God who loves us. Who died for us. Who wants to have a relationship with us. Who’s crazy about us. He can sustain you. You can find freedom. It is possible, and freedom can come amidst a life of struggle. God created us to be in relationship, first and foremost with Him. That was broken in the Garden---through a relationship with one another. He did not create us to do this by ourselves."

Underlying this promotion of false hope and freedom from reality is an inspirational song with lyrics that include: ♪ Oh Lord make us one...May the world finally see, that you made us one ♪.

An understanding that I agree with, but would re-word. However, juxtaposed with the lies, deception, and violence-encouraging hatred that Exodus wholeheartedly endorses by default, the song becomes a true and revolting bastardization of the very concept of oneness.

Love = unity = oneness, a concept that is apparently lost on Exodus employees and their affiliates, proven by their continual dehumanization of us in the public sphere.

The sad part is that there are people who will never accept their same-sex attractions, but cannot turn to Exodus because they have integrity.
And now onto all things Exodus Youth, AKA Scott Davis:
"Social networking trends are universally appealing, but especially to young people," said Scott Davis who overseas Exodus International's outreach to youth as well as the ministry's innovations in technology and development.
One of the propaganda DVD’s Exodus and Exodus Youth promotes, is called “Truth and Tolerance.” Which, of course, is anything but truthful or tolerant. (You can find the Scott Davis portion of the DVD transcribed here.)

It’s a litany of hypocrisy, delusion, and easily knocked down arguments. The problem is that it’s not intended for those with “unwanted same-sex attractions,” it’s a training manual for adults to rape the minds of GLBT youth. And yes, there are actual follow up manuals you can download.

So, If you or a same-sex attracted loved one is feeling a bit too emotionally and psychologically healthy, and would like to do irreparable harm to yourself or that same-sex attracted loved one, remember, now more than ever, Exodus International is here to help...

Alice Cooper - Poison

Edit: Tuesday June 2, 2009 @ 6:45 AM:
See second "(sic)" at top, and corrective grammar to reflect this.


two crows said...

"truth and tolerance"--
anything like "fair and balanced"?

isn't it amazing how these groups feel compelled to come out and label themselves for us rather than allow those who read their words or witness their actions to decide for themselves?

Emproph said...

“to decide for themselves”

He even addresses that:

Scott Davis: “Even when we just look at what Scripture says on the issue of homosexuality, some people are saying one thing, while others are saying the exact opposite…It’s difficult to know what to think.”

Fortunately he's there to sort it all out for us.

And this has got to be the crown jewel of that piece:

Scott Davis: “And yet now we want to redefine what God says, as if we are somehow much more wise and knowledgeable than every single believer who’s come before us for 4000 years. I think that is an incredibly arrogant step to make if we make that quickly.”

As opposed to the incredibly humble leap to the conclusion that he’s in a position to speak for “every single believer who’s come before us for 4000 years.”

two crows said...

address it all you want, Mr. Scott Davis-- MY Bible taught me to err on the side of accepting others-- not to decide they will go to hell because they're not just like me.

errrrrmmm-- remember Joshua bar Joseph's acceptance of people who weren't like him? or did you miss that [major] part of the scripture?

go back and read it again. then write 100 times, "I will not speak for the divinity -- especially when it comes to things I know nothing about, like compassion."