Monday, June 8, 2009

FOF’s Stuart Shepard puts forth his best argument against Barack Obama.



{~~special effects~~}:
Hi, I’m Stuart Shepard, and this is Stoplight.

Eventually it gets bad, you know it {~~Michael Jackson~~}. There comes a day when people start to say, oops, not again {~~Britney Spears~~}. It’s possible in the world of celebrity, to become so famous, to be on so many magazine covers, to collect so much TV airtime, that it becomes cool for people to say that a given celebrity is not so cool anymore {~~Barry Manilow~~}. There comes a point when a celebrity tips from fame to anti-fame {~~Brett Favre~~}.

But I had this thought, that if a politician runs as a celebrity, and the celebrity gossip magazines like Time and Newsweek, offer up positive cover after cover. And if the TV networks offer up more glowing coverage than the circumstances really demand, well…{~~Barack Obama~~}.

He ran a campaign that was all big crowds and photo ops, and he could deliver a scripted line better than any Oscar winner. And people imagined him to be whatever character they wanted, and they voted for what they imagined {~~Rock Star~~}.

Right about now, as reality starts to sink in, I can imagine a lot of those folks are privately thinking: “~~This doesn’t look anything like the change I thought he meant~~”. And by the end of summer they might just be ready to say it out loud: “THIS IS NOT AT ALL WHAT I WANTED.”

Now, it’s not a time to point fingers, and this is critical, it’s a time to say “Welcome home.” And then talk to them about the important issues at stake, the fate of pre-born babies, the definition of marriage, the role of the courts {~~Anti-fame~~fame~~fame~~}.

[announcer-like:] Coming to a polling place near you in 2010 and 2012.
Touché Mr. Shepard, touché. I accept your invitation, and now realize, to my eternal chagrin, that I should have voted for John McCain:

Hello, all 300 million of you American voters. In case of my absence, I've chosen Sarah Palin to be responsible for your safety:

"As for that VP talk all the time, I tell ya, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me, what is it exactly that the VP does every day?"


libhom said...

"Focus on the Family" is made up of the craziest people.

Emproph said...

And for a “Christian” organization, Shepard is especially arrogant. In the video, when he says: Now, it’s not a time to point fingers, and this is critical, it’s a time to say “Welcome home.” He says it in the most snide and patronizing way.

So even if his point was valid, I’d run for the hills before being “welcomed” by people like him.

two crows said...

I loved your juxtaposition of Ronald Reagan with what Shepard said about Obama. Absolutely, the same could have been said [in fact, WAS said] about Reagan -- who scared me half to death.

I never did see the "Great Communicator". The fact that he talked like my grampa didn't sway me a bit. I wouldn't have voted for my grampa for president either-- though I loved him to death.

I certainly can't say I loved Reagan -- not on his best day.