Friday, January 9, 2009

I Should Not Be Allowed To Say The Following Things About America

Going through some post-it notes here...

This was one of my absolute favorites -- pre-blog days -- I actually read this in paper form. (From the Onion):

By Ellen Dunst
April 2, 2003

As Americans, we have a right to question our government and its actions. However, while there is a time to criticize, there is also a time to follow in complacent silence. And that time is now.

It's one thing to question our leaders in the days leading up to a war. But it is another thing entirely to do it during a war. Once the blood of young men starts to spill, it is our duty as citizens not to challenge those responsible for spilling that blood. We must remove the boxing gloves and put on the kid gloves. That is why, in this moment of crisis, I should not be allowed to say the following things about America:

And tragic comedy ensues...

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