Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zygotes not worthy of life

(For the record, I'm anti-unwanted pregnancy)
Zygote: A zygote is usually produced ovum from a female and a sperm cell from a male...the zygote contains DNA originating from both mother and father and this provides all the genetic information necessary to form a new individual.
Good News: Arizona Governor Signs Pro-Life Legislation

CitizenLink: These new laws include a ban on partial-birth abortion, a ban that prevents medical professionals other than doctors from performing surgical abortions, and a bill that protects the conscience rights of healthcare workers to refuse participation in an abortion.

If life begins at conception...
Objective: To examine rates and risk factors for spontaneous abortion among pregnancies conceived using assisted reproductive technology (ART). Methods: Subjects were 62,228 clinical pregnancies resulting from ART procedures initiated in 1996-1998 in US clinics.

Spontaneous abortion was based on ART clinic report and was defined as loss of the entire pregnancy. Spontaneous abortion rates for ART pregnancies were compared with spontaneous abortion rates from the National Survey of Family Growth, a population-based survey of US women 15-44 years.

Results: The spontaneous abortion rate among ART pregnancies was 14.7%. This was similar to rates among pregnancies reported in the National Survey of Family Growth.

Among pregnancies conceived with the patient's oocytes and freshly fertilized embryos, the spontaneous abortion risk ranged from 10.1% among women 20-29 years to 39.3% among women older than 43.

Spontaneous abortion risk among pregnancies conceived with donor eggs was 13.1% with little variation by patient age.
When do you suppose they’ll concern themselves with the 14, 39, and 13% of eternal souls that just so don’t happen to make it due to “God’s divine plan”?

Where do they go?

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