Monday, July 13, 2009

Exodus’ “differing views” on the definitions of slander, insult, condescension, defamation...

Ministry Welcomes Protesters
Encourages Church to Model Compassion
Amid Differing Views
July 8, 2009
Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, welcomed news of the protest saying, "Ironically, there are many at this event who at one time would have been outside protesting it, but have exchanged the hurt and anger of the past for a relationship with Jesus Christ and with caring individuals in the Christian church.

"What we, as the global Christian church, must recognize is that on the other side of a picket line, are often hurting people in need of God's unconditional love," said Chambers. "While our views on these issues may differ, the bold love of Christ must prevail over opposing policies, differing views and even our own pride."
Some of those "Differing Views" may, and most likely include:

1) homosexual men who are unable to sustain healthy peer relationships might well find the potential for age-inappropriate attractions more real than they thought possible.

2) Christ can change the homosexual!

3) Homosexuality may lead to physical death, but it will surely lead to relational, emotional, and spiritual ruin.

4) Those trapped in the deception of homosexuality are people in need of healing. They are hurt and broken people who need the touch of the great physician, Jesus Christ.

5) deviation from heterosexuality to homosexuality is devastating. The devastation pervades every relationship in which the homosexual man, woman, or child engages.

6) Pray God will help them see and find biblical resolution to underlying issues that led to a homosexual orientation.

7) people [are] bound by homosexuality

8) gossipers, liars, people from non-Christian religious backgrounds, etc. Wouldn't it be better for us to view someone gay as just another sinner

9) Whatever you decide about the question of whether AIDS is God's judgment... mercy, mixed with fear—hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh" (Jude 22–23).

10) if someone pursues homosexual involvement and refuses to acknowledge this as sin, it's valid to humbly question whether their commitment to Christ is genuine.

11) there is realistic hope for change for men and women who do not want their sexual orientation to be homosexual.

--Just a few snippets from their FaQ section, as linked to above.

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