Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jamaican Government Minister Outraged about Gay Police!

From the Boycott Jamaica site:

(Credit to YouTube’s brianmaxw / Brianmaxnews)

Transcript (as always, feel free to use):
Newscaster: Meanwhile, a member of parliament from South West St. Ann, (an express?) was made of what some consider a surprising and stinging attack on the country’s gay community. Expressing his dismay that not only do they portray a negative aspect in society, but he is worried some of them have been granted firearm licenses.

Earnest Smith; MP, South West St. Ann: I am very concerned that homosexuals in Jamaica have become so (____?). They have formed themselves into organizations. They are in the street, in fact they’re abusive, they are violent, and something that the Minister of National Security must look into---why is it that so many homosexuals are holders of licensed firearms?

Newscaster: Now, the outspoken Mr. Smith was contributing to a debate on a sexual offenders registry in Parliament yesterday. He also went on to mention what could be construed as a recent and potentially contentious media report, which he argues proves his point, that homosexuals dominate some of our essential services.

MP Earnest Smith: There was a report recently which has never been challenged. Which speaks to the fact that our security forces, particularly the Jamaica constable force, has been overrun with homosexuals.

There’s a report, a front page report in one of our newspapers - it has never been challenged.
According to BoxTurtleBulletin (re Human Rights Watch):
Human rights defenders who spoke to the victims also reported that police arrived half an hour after the mob had broken into the house – 90 minutes after the men first called for help.
From that same Human Rights Watch article:
April 8, 2007 … the crowd broke the windows with bottles and shouted … “We want no battyman [gay] funeral here. Leave or else we’re going to kill you. … But instead of protecting the mourners, police socialized with the mob, laughing along at the situation.

February 14, 2007 ... The men took refuge in a store … while a crowd of at least 200 people gathered outside, calling for the men to be beaten to death because they were gay. The men called local police …
When officers arrived, instead of protecting them, they verbally abused the victims, calling them “nasty battymen,” and struck one in the face, head, and stomach.
And once again:
MP Earnest Smith of South West St. Ann: Why is it that so many homosexuals are holders of licensed firearms?
I now see how that could be a problem. Clearly these homosexual firearm holders aren’t using them against gay people often enough.

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I agree with the Old Testament... let the perverts be put to death