Sunday, December 21, 2008

Soulforce's Jeff Lutes gives further insight into the mind of Rick Warren.

Via the Bilerico Project

That Weird Hug from Rick Warren

December 19, 2008 10:00 AM

Editors' Note: Guest blogger Jeff Lutes is the Executive Director of Soulforce, a national civil rights and social justice organization dedicated to freedom for LGBT people through nonviolent direct action.
The beginning of that Jeff Lutes article:
In December of the previous year, I wrote a letter to Warren outlining my plan to bring a group of gay and lesbian couples, and their children, to visit his Saddleback Church over Father's Day weekend. I expressed our intent to attend worship on Sunday, and my hope that he and some families in his congregation would share a meal with us in an effort to reach beyond our differences and focus instead on the commonalities we share as parents and people of faith. In due course, I began a series of phone conversations with Warren's chief of staff. Over the next several weeks, we agreed that eight of our families would eat lunch on June 16 with Warren, his wife Kay, and six of their staff members. After the family meal, eight people from our group would then convene for a 90 minute conversation with Warren, his wife, and the six other church leaders. Here's where it gets interesting.
And it does get interesting from there...

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CJ said...

Too bad the net gain of fighting faith with faith is zero.

LGBT rights will not advance when liberal christians hold the hands of conservative christians. LGBT rights will advance when all religion is gone.

All of it -- conservative, liberal, left-wing, right-wing, all of it needs to go.