Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Curtis, A Commenter at Box Turtle Bulletin.

The simple BTB article is here.

And this is the comment in question (bold mine):
December 22nd, 2008

Would you consider as an enemy or anti-gay activist anyone who in their honest conscious seeing something wrong of gay parents adopting children?
Humans are entitled to recognize bad vices in our society without the fear of unfair attacks and criticism. Do you feel so?
Why do we get the feeling that homosexuals count as friends those who wholly support their agenda without troubling questions? Yet they are ready defend themselves against likely innocent people who wish to voice their concerns.
I am certain you may not approve what was written on my blog recently about the gay lifestyle. But like others I reserve the right to alert others if there is a dangerous scent of poison gas before they are harmed by it.
I can understand how much gay advocates wish to harm themselves for their sexual gratification. But should others suffer such as young children to impress approval for your life choice? We see problems many gay individuals wish to ignore. And they consent others to join in with them toward their undoing. How could this ever be fair?

An Observant Human
Fellow commenters David C. and Rick, carefully and effectively addressed what was raised in Curtis' comment.

I would like to address what was said in his blog post, re:
I am certain you may not approve what was written on my blog recently about the gay lifestyle.
Curtis, you write very thoughtfully.

What a waste.

That said, there are some seriously classic lines in that article:
Therefore it is not my intention to remind people of what unclean or abnormal practices constituting homosexuality.

Daily these young persons could get unpleasant reminders of their ‘parents’ non-normal relationship.
But wait, we also get:
Website, Children Of Homosexual Parents Report Childhood Difficulties: http://www.familyresearchinst.org/FRI_homokids.html

Website, Homosexual Parenting Studies Are Flawed, Report Says: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,29901,00.html
That first link goes to a Paul Cameron article (read about Paul Cameron here), and the second one is from 2001, and is used by Curtis to assert that gay parenting is inherently worse than straight parenting.

Judith Stacey is quoted, and she and her colleague Timothy Biblarz' research is cited extensively.

Judith Stacey is also a staunch advocate of gay parenting, and has spoken out about the MISUSE of her research:


Transcript of [Soulforce] Press Teleconference on LGBT Parenting Research
And then Curtis awards us with this irresistible little trophy:
Homosexual couples were given legal rights to adopt or have children via science. The children of those couples may often not be given choice of this arrangement. If a child is given permission to freely express his disapproval. Would the lead parent honor his feelings? And not force the child to accept an arrangement that could be adversely affecting his or her conscience? Yes I am wondering if the gay mother or father love their children enough to then forsake their homosexual lifestyle. What a lifetime story that would be for television movie. Rather than for me to go any further into that matter let’s consider the gay peoples’ decision not to work on December 10Th.
Good luck on your next lifetime, Curtis, bouncing from orphanage to orphanage to orphanage to orphanage...

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