Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sy Rogers on the Perils of Homosexuality...

"they end up in bed doing things they never imagined would happen"

SY ROGERS: "And according to Baker’s Encyclopedia of psychology, In the chapter, Homosexuality, Classifications; etiology and treatment---There are 10, classifications of homosexualities. Amazing. How many times you think oh a gay person’s a gay person, when actually it dudn’t...uh...happen that easily for us.

In fact I want to take a look out of the ten clinical classifications, at three classifications that are the most commonly encountered---In God’s family. For in God’s family, there are many people who wrestle with same-sex attractions. Just because you have same-sex attractions, does not automatically make you gay, we throw that word around far too casually. To be gay, is to embrace an ideology and a worldview, and to uh, define yourself by your sexuality. And not all people with same-sex attractions are like that, especially in God’s family--who live by Christian values, but that doesn’t make their attractions go away.

And so in Christendom, we find ourselves with three major categories, out of the ten, of homosexuality---in just category number one, of the common problems. Isn’t that amazing, this is just category number one?

Well let’s take a look at three of these common homosexualities. And the first one is, SITUATIONAL homosexuality. And it kind of means what it says in a straightforward way.

Given the situation, a person, may cross the line, and become involved homosexually. Classic situations include: Prison, The Military, Boarding School, and even University. When people are in situations where they are encouraged, enticed, seduced, coerced. People can cross the line when they’ve been drinking too much, and they end up in bed doing things they never imagined would happen---given the situation, people, have the capacity, to do things they might not have otherwise, thought they’d be involved in. Isn’t that right?

And so situational homosexuality, for example, in a boarding school. The seventeen year old young man, he’s been looking at pornography for awhile, and masturbating. He get’s tired of solo sex, and so he decides he want’s to live out some of the fantasies he’s been feeding in his soul, by actually connecting in a sexual relationship with someone else. And so he finds, a vulnerable thirteen year old young boy, and he begins to encourage him and coerce him and move him, manipulate him, toward a sexual encounter.

And so he has some episodes with that thirteen year old boy and finally the seventeen year old finishes school. He graduates from boarding school. And he goes off into a heterosexual world of heterosexual expression. Like water off a duck’s back, he doesn’t perceive himself to be gay---and he’s not---just because he technically had, same-sex recreational-sex, in, the situation.

But you know what, for the thirteen year old, his perception of this event may be far more, uh, crisis oriented. He may wonder, why was I the one picked? What does that mean about me? What did he perceive about me, that made him come to me? And, add to it, the fact that I did it, and that I liked it. I liked the attention, or it felt good. What does that mean about me? And being young, and impressionable, and probably fearful of talking about it, he won’t be able to work through what this could mean. And so he might have repeated episodes to see if he still likes it, again. And what he doesn’t understand, is the more he does it, the more he excludes, heterosexual association of pleasure. And he begins to focus exclusively on homosexual sex, as an association, and THE association of pleasure. And thus a homosexual is made, through situational sex.

Likewise, I’ve been--I’ve met many people at the altar who’ve broken down, weeping and crying over the fact that somebody did hit on them, or did succeed in seducing them. And they grew up not becoming involved homosexually, but they grew up hating gay people, because they lived in fear, that some kind of shadow has been cast, and question cast, upon my own sexuality, because I was an object, of someone’s attempt.

And so because of situational sexual episodes like that, I’ve seen men break down and cry, because you know if they pour forth that attitude, and that embittered, uh, attitude, and as they also reach the fear underlying it---am I gay because somebody hit on me? Am I gay? Is my masculinity called into question because this happened? I’ve seen that turned around when they have that confession brought into the light and the power of it broken. The shadow is dispersed with the light of truth. And they are freed from a burden they didn’t deserve to carry.

How many people too, how many young ladies have gone to university---and in our politically correct environment, where you are thought to be odd, in fact thought to be potentially sick if you don’t think gay is good on campus! Where there in that sit-u-ation, the environment is so outrageously pro-gay these days, that many people will be encouraged, or even pressured, to experiment in things, that at home, or on their own, might not have otherwise occurred. Just because a situation has provided an opportunity for you to experiment, does not a homosexual make. There's alot of people who have been involved situationally, they don’t know that, and they’ve been burdened, and they need to understand, and be free-er."

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Neat huh? He makes Richard Simmons look straight.


Anonymous said...

Sy Rogers is the most gifted and inspired man of God I've ever seen.
He is truly filled with the Spirit of God and speaks the Truth. I'm no Bible basher but if you think ill of this man, you seriously need to take a good long hard look at yourself.

Nathan said...

it took me 10 minutes of watching Sy talk (on "One Nation Under God") to realize this person was attempting to present as a man. evidently "he" is a "former" transsexual. I spent that whole time wondering why this former lesbian president of exodus didn't grow her hair out and try to look more like a conservative christian woman before I noticed the adam's apple. the ex gay movement is truly epic.

-gay child of christian family ministry employees

Anonymous said...

sy rogers is an evil son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

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