Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rep. Brad Sherman: ♫ In an L.A. Minute... ♫

He was given one minute (too long, imo) on the House Floor last night.

Rep. Brad Sherman D - California, 30th District Woodland Hills, Granada Hills, Studio City


Rep. Brad Sherman: We’re told that if we want the government to stay open for just another five or seventy-five days, we should torpedo the Affordable Care Act [“Obamacare”].Then, what happens in November or December? Are we told that to keep the government open any further we have to strip-mine YellowStone? We have to abolish Medicare? 

The fact is, it is wrong to take hostages, it is wrong to say that the government will shut down if that is the only way you can achieve your legislative objectives. 

What would the country think of us if we said we were going to shut down the government unless we get gay rights, gun control, cap and trade, immigration reform? 

Or what would the country think of us if we said, “Gay rights, but only for one year -- keep the government open for one year, get gay-rights for one year.

Taking hostages is wrong. Holding hostage, the greatest country in the world is wrong.

But his heart was in the right place, and all, right?
Op-ed: Can Democrats Scare Ted Cruz With LGBT Rights?

Yeah, what he said.

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