Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Results: Not as Close as they Seem

I have thought about this at length. The election results may seem that they were super close, on the surface, but there are many more variables to consider.

-How successful the voter suppression laws were in repressing the democratic vote? Intimidation, huge lines and shorter hours being just a few examples.

-How many conservatives were ignorant of the real truth of the issues, purposefully or like my sister, a single mother of two, who “doesn’t have time” to pay attention to political matters and just accepted Romney’s lies as truth.

-Racism, and the belief that voting for racist politicians are not the same thing.

I live in Naples, FL., a smaller and essentially segregated city. The only minorities we “know” have menial jobs who don’t live in the community.

There is great potential to reach many of these conservatives, not to become progressives, but to understand that being blanketly anti-democrat is anti-democratic, and by extension, anti-American.

Only about 25% of conservatives are theocratic, dominionist, 0% compromising tea-party types imbued with deeply ingrained sociopathic tendencies who would pass laws to have LGBT Americans, amongst other “sinners,” imprisoned and/or put to death.

The conservative party is split, reasonable Republicans who believe in facts would work with Democrats to get something rather than nothing -- an often times good thing as it gives we liberals valid perspectives that we would never conceive of on our own.

The others would rather die or kill than change.

But don’t get me wrong. Though the Obama victory has alleviated my terror of a Romney administration, the closeness of this election makes me ashamed to be an American today. Or better put, disheartened to the core that so many Americans feed on ignorance, illogic and dishonesty, and that so many more do not consider the freedom to vote to be a powerful privilege to make your convictions known and possibly matter.

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