Friday, September 17, 2010

Focus on the Family: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" vote next week

From an email:
Of course, repealing DADT isn't just social tinkering with our armed forces.

It threatens the safety and morale of troops--who must trust and rely upon each other--by introducing sexual tension in the barracks.

It would also endanger the religious-liberty rights of chaplains and servicemen and women to share their beliefs about God's design for human sexuality.

--social tinkering
--threatens troop safety
--adds sexual tension
--endangers religious-liberty

One might think that the very moral fabric of time itself was at stake.

Not to worry:
$25 will print and mail voter registration packets to more than 25 concerned citizens in target states;
- $50 will send 25,000 "Get Out the Vote" reminder e-mails before Election Day
- $75 or more will help us continue to send these weekly e-mail updates to keep you and other values-minded voters up-to-date on key family issues and how you can be involved.

...consider giving ... voter-education ... vital efforts ... recurring gift ... monthly expenses.
And the solution...
Army Giving More Waivers in Recruiting

Published: February 14, 2007
It has also increased the number of so-called “moral waivers” to recruits with criminal pasts, even as the total number of recruits dropped slightly. The sharpest increase was in waivers for serious misdemeanors, which make up the bulk of all the Army’s moral waivers. These include aggravated assault, burglary, robbery and vehicular homicide.
Assault: Definition: attack

Synonyms: abuse, advance, assail, bash, beset, blast, blitz, bushwhack, charge, come down on, go for, haul off on, invade, jump, jump down one's throat, jump on one's case, lay into, let have it, light into, rape, ruin, set upon, shoot down, slam, slap around, storm, strike, trash, violate, work over, zap
Why yes, Mr. Minnery, bonding with an abusive theif who's driving habits have been proven to be fatal is just the kind of confidence building cohesion that a unit needs. That, and dropping the soap in the shower in front of an ex-con.

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Anonymous said...

Wingnuts heads always explode when someone new might get the same liberties, especially religious liberties, as themselves. Any jab to their comfortable legal supremacy is so unvomprehendable that THEY feel the victim. Kinda sad really.