Saturday, April 10, 2010

Maddow at her maddest

Now, as I was assembling some facts today to put this decision into context---about the senator‘s voting record, his subsidized residence at C Street, his role as hush money negotiator between Sen. John Ensign and Sen. Ensign‘s mistress and all that---Sen. Coburn said this to the “Daily Caller” Web site. He said, quote, “Look at Rachel Maddow. She comes at me on the basis of emotion. She demonizes me. I don‘t want conservatives to win on the basis of emotion. If we lower ourselves to the level they operate on, we hurt ourselves and our arguments.”

I was trying to do my work. But then, that pops up in my Google alert and then I read it and I become ultimately so blindingly enraged and then hysterically upset and then inconsolably morose and then hyperactively giddy and then happy and then sad and then mad and then happy again.

But I couldn‘t make sense of any of the facts that I was gathering, all of which I was trying to read through the tears of joy and anger and anxiety, but I just can‘t control it. Can you tell? I‘m falling apart right now.
[I've got to memorize that for my next party]

So I promise - I‘m getting emotional by this promise. I promise that tomorrow I will gather myself and offer a full analysis of today‘s Tom Coburn news. I hope you will join us. If I can hold it together long enough, there is plenty of evidentiary facts to present and I will do it if I can, tomorrow night, right here.

Will you excuse me? I need a minute. So we‘re going to be right back. OK? OK. Sorry.
Next Day's evisceration of Tom Coburn:

Politicians should know by now not to F with Rachel Maddow.

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libhom said...

I wonder if rightists viewing the Maddow segment on the first video realized just how sarcastic it was. I love it!