Sunday, August 16, 2009

Randy Thomas: "tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions"

Exodus International takes over 'Love Won Out' conferences

I know this has been covered, but there's something in this AFA OneNewsNow article that I wanted to highlight (And no, it's not the ancient Matt Damon-like photo of Thomas):

Focus on the Family is transferring the conferences to Exodus International, according to spokesman Randy Thomas.

"We're talking tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of people influenced by a redemptive view of homosexuality" Thomas says. "The Lord has raised up the ministry of Exodus International to bear witness to the world that he is alive and well and he has a loving response to homosexuality."

Millions "influenzed" is more like it.

Redemptive: liberating, redeeming, saving, rescuing, delivering, emancipating, releasing

Ah, redemption...

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libhom said...

The millions of people being influenced are heterosexual religious extremists.