Saturday, March 14, 2009

Exodus VP Randy Thomas dodges a bullet by claiming he’d take one.

From Ex-gay Watch:
Exodus Executive Vice President Randy Thomas has
posted his first open comments
concerning the conference mess in Uganda.
(You can find more information on that downward spiraling fiasco here, here, and here. And especially here.)

Take it away, Randy...
It isn't going to be a gay activist yelling at the Ugandan government that will actually get our ssa brothers and sisters out of jail. It will be people like me pleading with these leaders to recognize the Christ-likeness inherent in respecting self-determination and the dignity of every soul that draws breath. If I had the opportunity I would go directly to the jail and visit these people and plead for their freedom. It wouldn't matter if that ssa person identified as gay or agreed with me ... they should not be in jail and I would try everything I could to get them out and safe.


Anonymous said...

What gets me is that it's been a week that the websites you cited spent reporting on the Uganda conference, and all this time, they've been on pins and needles waiting for a response from Alan and Randy.

They finally get one and what happens? They're speechless... again.

After all this time, you can't be surprised that Randy would seek to justify his ignorance and apathy and make himself a marytr..

Mike Airhart said...

NG, what makes you think that we were expecting anything different from Exodus?

As for responding to Exodus' latest reckless and sanctimonious sadism: We are. What are you doing, besides whining about how you're the only legitimate activist in the world?

We respond as best we can with the very limited (and mostly volunteer) resources that we have.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike, I'm just a guy with a PC and a blog. If I can get to you with this crappy comment, why is it you can't get to them?

How about this, how about you guys, finally, getting your heads out of Alan and Randy's ass, and how about instead going about in shutting them down once and for all.