Sunday, February 1, 2009

From the ever insightful Austin Cline:

Bishop Michael Sheridan: God the Author of Marriage
Sunday February 1, 2009

"A common argument used by those who oppose gay marriage is that marriage is created by God for specific purposes and with a specific form in mind. Any violation of those purposes or that form is an affront to God, whom we should all honor and obey. Such an argument is useless when it comes to a secular state which doesn't have the authority to enforce any commands from any gods, but the theocrats who make this argument — and only a theocrat can demand that civil laws be restricted by theological demands — refuse to accept that."
Mailbag: Protestants vs. Gays and Catholics
Sunday February 1, 2009

"Alice is another one of those who believes that homosexuality is just a "lifestyle" that gays "choose" and only appears among humans who are "sinners" and thus able to "choose" to sin - whether it be gambling, violence, drug addiction, or homosexuality."

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